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Last updated 28th February 2011

Share Investment Scheme Application Form

Attached via the link immediately below is the application form which Associates should complete if they wish to join the Scheme.

   Share Scheme Application Form

    Contact Names and Addresses

MSSPP Shares
If you decide to keep your MSSPP shares, then at some point all the shares must be transferred into the Company's Share Investment Scheme (SIS) (see below), or transferred to your name (rather than be held by the trustees). Just when shares could or would be transferred is governed by the rules of the plan as detailed in the folder 'Our Company Shares Schemes Explained' (which every member of the schemes received in 1999). Any liability to income tax is explained in the folder.

If you want to sell all or some of your shares then you can do that also, but there may be liabilities to Income Tax and also Capital Gains Tax to consider. Again, just when you can sell shares and what the tax implications would be are detailed in the folder. It is possible to arrange the sale of shares so as to eliminate or minimise the liability to tax - but you may need independent financial advice to achieve this.

There is no charge if you sell at the same time as the Trustees buy shares on the open market. If you instruct the Trustees to sell immediately however, then you will pay an admin. charge of £18.80 plus 0.45% broker's charge on the gross proceeds, subject to a $50 minimum charge.
If you want to consider buying more, or indeed any shares if you have never joined the MSSPP, then you can do this through the Share Investment Scheme.

SIS Shares
The Share Investment Scheme is available to both employees and retirees. It provides an efficient and low cost means of buying P&G shares. Unlike the MSSPP, however, it offers no tax advantages and, of course, the Company does not 'match' your shares.

The key points of the scheme are:

You can make ongoing contributions to buy shares by cheque or standing order (£10 minimum, no maximum per transaction).
  • You can make changes to ongoing contributions at any time by giving due notice.
  • You cannot make contributions on behalf of another person.
    The Company pays the broker's fees for buying the shares but not for selling them.
  • If you were a member of the MSSPP when you retired, you may transfer your shares in that plan to the Share Investment Scheme when they become available for transfer or sale under the rules of the plan. This avoids having to sell or transfer them into your own name.
  • You may have dividends from shares in this scheme, and from the MSSPP paid into this scheme as a way of buying more shares.
  • Shares are bought at the same time as those for the MSSPP each month. Purchases are not possible at any other time.
  • Shares you purchase in the SIS will be held by the Trustees of the MSSPP in their name until they receive written sale instructions.
  • The administrators of both the MSSPP and this scheme are IRG Ltd, and they will handle all contact with investors, and issue statements and tax vouchers.
  • You can sell your shares at any time and will bear the selling costs. Normally your shares will be sold at the same time as the Trustees buy shares on the open market (around the beginning of the month), and you will then pay a small flat rate charge (currently £17.63).
  • If you give the Trustees explicit written instructions to sell shares immediately, you will pay the greater of the flat rate charge or the broker's fee to sell on the open market.

As with the MSSPP, the detailed rules of the SIS are given in the folder 'Our Company Shares Schemes Explained', together with an Application Form and a Standing Order Instruction. So, if you are interested in the SIS, get your folder out and fill in the forms. If you need any further information on the MSSPP or the SIS then refer to your folder or call me (deatails below).


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