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P&G "Community Matters "
Our Community Relations Programme for the UK & Eire

We seek to meet local community needs and the preferences of our people in adding value to community projects and programmes. We provide people involvement and cash where appropriate in the key areas of education, leisure and welfare, and economic well being, and encourage our people to pursue their own voluntary interests in the interests of overall community well being.

We build strategic partnerships, and complementing our local community involvement, we support national programmes that contribute to our society and strengthen and build P&G's reputation as an excellent corporate citizen in the UK and Eire.

Our philosophy is to 'help others help themselves'. This is achieved by sharing our business skills and resources to find sustainable solutions.

Our chosen areas of support are:

Examples include Business Skills Training for Teachers, Mentoring Partnerships with Teachers and Students, Business Advisers with Young Enterprise', Literacy Hour with Primary Schoolchildren.

Leisure/Social Welfare
Our contributions to many art galleries, museums, theatres, musical institutions, play-groups, hospitals, young peoples' projects, to name a few, help make the community a successful, interesting, lively and caring place to live, work and visit.

Economic Well Being
Involvement ranges from regenerating a school playground in Surrey to giving business expertise in major city-wide economic regeneration campaigns such as the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative.

We aim to support projects that will provide sustainable benefits to the communities in which we live and work. In addition to working with organisations that approach us, we shall continue to develop unique P&G programmes such as 'Business Skills for Schools' training for teachers and 'Marketing Skills' sharing our expertise with SME's and community projects. Employee involvement is encouraged and supported by the Company, recognising that some commitments are necessary during business hours.

Every request from our local community will be given consideration and an appropriate response. Support, however, is not granted to individuals or to projects which are primarily political or religious. P&G does not contribute money to fund-raising appeals but recognises that some of our people may wish to contribute through their own fund-raising efforts which the Company whole-heartedly supports. P&G also donates gifts in kind such as computers and furniture to schools and community groups and product to UK charities via the IGD's 'Grocery Aid' and to Eastern Europe and Africa via 'Socrates'.


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