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In Memoriam : Listing for 2006


  • Mrs Kathleen Driscoll, widow of Mr TE Driscoll, Manchester Plant, on 2nd January.
  • Mr Joseph Short, NTC (retired 1994) on 7th January.
  • Mr Joseph Greaves, Newcastle (retired 1977) on 12th January.
  • Mrs Joanna Alexander, widow of John Alexander, Company Director, on 17th January.
  • Mrs Betty Lockley, widow of John Lockley who retired from Retail Sales, on 26th January.
  • Mrs Margaret Wood, who retired from Advertising, Gosforth in 1977, on 22nd January.
  • Mrs Gladys Tant, widow of Bert Tant who retired from PDD Goodmayes in 1983, on 25th January.
  • Mrs Anastasia Mitchell, who retired from Manchester Plant in 1998, on 27th January.
  • Mr Robert Brennan, who retired from NTC in 1972, on 31st January.


  • Mrs Doris Farrow, widow of George Farrow who retired from London Factory, on 1st February.
  • Mr Robert (Bob) Downey, who retired from Legal, Gosforth in 2000, on 1st February.
  • Mrs Grace Braithwaite, who retired from Advertising in 1975, on 3rd February.
  • Mr Patrick Malia, who retired from Newcastle factory in 1985, on 4th February.
  • Mrs Pamela Baker, widow of Albert Baker, who retired from Birmingham District, on 10th February.
  • Mr Bob Storey, NTC (retired 1995) on 16th February.
  • Mrs Irene Stenhouse Stewart, who retired from Market Research in 1969, on 16th February.
  • Mr Tony Garrett, ex. Managing Director of P&G UK (left company in 1982), on 19th February.
  • Miss Nina Dashwood, Bournemouth (retired 1992) on 21st February.
  • Mr Anthony Syron, who retired from Belgium in 1996, on 20th February.


  • Mr Brian Chappell, who retired from Manchester Plant in 2001, on 12th March.
  • Mrs Elsie Gilbody, widow of Mr Gilbody who retired from Manchester Plant in 1978, on 14th March.
  • Mrs Veronica Donkin, widow of Bill Donkin who retired from City Road in 1978, on 18th March.
  • Mr John Jackson, FS&ICP (retired 1990) on 20th March.
  • Mr Chris Holmes, Group Service (retired 2005) on 29th March.
  • Mrs Eileen Rush, widow of Douglas Rush who retired from London Plant in 1983, on 29th March.
  • Mrs Kathleen Hayes, widow of Leonard Hayes who retired from Manchester Plant in 1974, on 31st March.


  • Mr Joseph Bryson King, Manchester Plant (retired 1975), on 8th April.
  • Mrs Mary Gray, Central Sales Office (retired 1983), on 14th April.
  • Mrs Margaret Bowen, widow of Charles Bowen who retired from CA&S in 1973, on 15th April.
  • Mr Thomas Starns, London Factory (retired 1990), on 17th April
  • Mr Ted Rowlands, on 19th April
  • Mr Maurice Anderson, Manchester Plant (retired 1988), on 20th April
  • Mrs Lillian Cornthwaite, widow ofMr John Cornthwaite, Manchester Plant, on 20th April.
  • Mrs Winifred Hutchinson, Advertising, Newcastle (retired 1973), on 25th April.


  • Mr Edward Stubbs, Accounts, Gosforth (retired 1991) on 4th May.
  • Mrs Agnes Linnane, widow of Peter Linnane, Manchester Factory on 12th May.
  • Mr Jock Sim, London Factory (retired 1975) on 18th May.
  • Mr Harry Buckley, Manchester Factory (retired 1978) on 20th May.
  • Mrs Muriel Ward, widow of Norman Ward, London Plant on 20th May.


  • Mrs Gillian Smalley, Bournemouth Site (retired 1997) on 2nd June.
  • Mr Ronald Britton, London Factory (retired 1983) on 3rd June.
  • Mrs Lillian Brierley, widow of William Brierley, Manchester Factory, on 5th June.
  • Mrs Catherine Day, widow of Frederick Day, Engineering Division, Newcastle, on 15th June
  • Mr Bernard Banas, London Factory (retired 1983) on 24th June.
  • Mrs Alice Keepin, widow of Henry Keepin, NTC, on 27th June.


  • Mrs Lilian Reeves, Bournemouth Site (retired 1997) during 1st week of July.
  • Mrs Kathleen Hawkes, widow of Ronald Hawkes, Gosforth, on 17th July.
  • Mrs Evelyn Malia, widow of Patrick Malia, Newcastle Factory, on 20th July.
  • Mr Percy Spark, Gosforth (retired 1994) on 21st July
  • Mr Gwilym Evans, Manchester Plant (retired 1997) on 25th July.
  • Mr Vasey Thompson, Manchester Plant (retired 1986) on 26th July.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Warden, widow of Arthur Alfred Warden, Feltham Depot, on the 27th July.


  • Mr Denis Saunders, P&G Canada (retired 1991) on 1st August.
  • Mr Leonard Sheldrick, Manchester Plant (retired 1985) on 9th August.
  • Mrs Elsie Gregory, Engineering Division, Newcastle, (retired 1982) on 15th August.
  • Mrs Violet Welch, widow of John Welch, London Plant, on 19th August
  • Mrs Dorothy Harding, widow of Trevor Harding, London Plant, on 28th August
  • Mr Geoffrey Riding, Noxell (retired 1994) on 26th August


We have no reports for September


  • Mr Albert Gibbs, London Plant (retired 1980) on 7th October
  • Mr William Miller, London Plant (retired 1989) on 17th October


  • Mr John Whittaker, Manchester Plant (retired 1983) on 3rd November
  • Mr Peter Crompton, London Factory (retired 1989) on 15th November
  • Mrs Irene Barker, widow of Harold Barker, Manchester Plant on 13th November
  • Mr Ronald Gray, Retail Sales, NE, (retired 1994) on 18th November
  • Mrs Agnes Richardson, Newcastle Factory (retired 1985) on 18th November
  • Mr George Robert Barratt, Manchester Plant (retired 1991) on 18th November
  • Mr Edward Martin, Bournemouth (retired 2000) on 19th November
  • Mr Peter Bell, Manchester Plant (retired 1998) on 25th November
  • Mr James Lawrence, Shipping Dept., Newcastle (retired 1981) on 30th November


  • Mrs Johanna Forsyth, widow of Hugh Forsyth, Newcastle Factory on 2nd December
  • Mrs Winifred Grange, widow of Frederick Grange, Manchester Plant on 9th December
  • Mrs Eileen Ryder, widow of Thomas Ryder, London Factory on 12th December
  • Mrs B. McDougal, widow of William McDougal, CA&S Newcastle on 16th December
  • Mrs Margaret Bates, Bournemouth (retired 1991) on 19th December

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