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In Memoriam : Listing for 2008


  • Mr David Evans, (retired from London Plant in 1995) on 1st January.
  • Mrs Muriel King, widow of Herbert (Roger) King (retired from Newcastle in 1970) on 1st January.
  • Mrs Elsie Bell, widow of Herbert Bell (died in service Manchester Plant in 1986) on 3rd January.
  • Mr Terry O'Hanlon, (retired from Manchester Plant in 1994) on 11th January.
  • Mrs Violet Gosling, widow of James Gosling (retired Manchester in 1983) on 13th January.
  • Mrs Margot Brock, widow of Alfred Brock (retired Newcastle in 1972) on 20th January.
  • Mrs Winifred Lowe, widow of William Lowe (retired Manchester in 1980) on 29th January.
  • Mrs Lillian Cynthia Hart, (retired from Product Development/Scandinavia Division in 1977) on 31st January.


  • Mr Charles Ronald Goodman, (retired from Gosforth, in 1982) on 2nd February.
  • Mr Archibald Steel, (retired Thurrock in 1983) on 4th February.
  • Mr John Murtagh, (retired from Manchester Plant in 1990) on 7th February
  • Mrs Emma Harrison, widow of Clifford J Harrison (retired Manchester in 1980) on 22nd February
  • Mrs Gwendoline Hutchinson, widow of John Hutchinson (retired Manchester in 1971) on 24th February
  • Mr William W Carrick, (retired from Gosforth in 1995) on 24th February
  • Mrs Rita Searl, widow of Arthur Searl (retired London Plant in 1989) on 27th February
  • Mrs Beryl A Greenly, widow of Raymond Greenly (retired P&G Geneva in 1975) on 27th February
  • Mr Richard McMann, (retired from Cramlington (Clairol) in 2003) on 28th February


  • Mrs Winifred Richardson, widow of John Richards (retired Newcastle Factory in 1974) on 4th March.
  • Mrs Mavis Bailey, (retired Noxell in 1990) on 11th March.
  • Mrs Queenie Collins, widow of Harry Collins (retired London Plant in 1970) on 14th March.
  • Mrs Alice Armitt, widow of Thomas Armitt (retired Manchester in 1985) on 20th March.
  • Mr Cyril Brough, (retired Health & Beauty Care in 1986) on 22nd March.


  • Mrs Joyce McClure, widow of Harold McClure (retired Manchester in 1980) on 1st  April
  • Mr Leslie Robinson, (retired Skelmersdale in 2005) on 3rd April
  • Mrs Eileen Burgess, widow of Stanley Burgess (retired Manchester Plant in1984) on 5th April
  • Mr Alfred Griffiths, (retired Manchester in 1991) on 14th April.
  • Mrs Rose Morris, widow of Frank Morris (retired from Goodmayes in 1984) on 16th April.
  • Mrs Sylvia V Stephens, (retired from Max Factor in 1994) on 17th April.
  • Mr Alan Roscow, (retired Manchester in 1990) on 18th April.
  • Mr James Robert (Bob) Jamieson, (retired Manchester Factory in 1989) on 18th April.
  • Mr Graham Oliffe, (retired from Retail Sales in 1989) on 24 April 2008.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Lumsden, widow of Ralph Lumsden (retired Corporate Accomodation in 1972) on 27 April.
  • Mrs Stella Bendall, (retired Tambrands in 1983) on 29th April.


  • Mrs Violet Knight, (widow of Bob Knight, retired from Tambrands) on 6th May.
  • Mr James H Elliott, (retired from Tyne Tunnel in 1990) on 8th May.
  • Mrs Elsie Brooks, (retired from Richardson Vicks in 1991) on 16th May.
  • Mr Thomas Batey, (retired from Manchester Plant in 1992) on 21st May.
  • Mr Charles Peter Taylor, (retired from Gosforth in 1993) on 21st May.
  • Mr Harry B Caudle, (retired from International Management assignment in Japan in 1980) on 24th May.


  • Mr Ken Roberts, (retired from London Factory in 1992) on 3rd June
  • Mrs Maud Oxnard, (retired from Gosforth in 1983) on 4th June.
  • Mrs Nellie R Bowker, (widow of George Bowker who died in service - Manchester Plant in 1967) on 5th June.
  • Mr William Potts, (retired from Manchester Factory in 1988) on 5th June.
  • Mrs Ann Gradwell, (retired from Manchester Factory in 1994) on 11th June.
  • Mrs Kay Nancarrow, (previously employed in Havant, Tambrands) on 11th June.
  • Mr John Colvin, (retired from Corporate Accounting, Gosforth in 1994) on 12th June.
  • Mrs Rose Ann McIntyre, (retired from NTC in 1977) on 16th June.
  • Mrs Gwenith A James, widow of Charles Thomas James (retired Bristol District Sales) on 27th June. Mrs James was 100 years old in April 2008.


  • Mr Peter E Wyatt, (retired from Sales, Midlands District in 1984) on 2nd July.
  • Mrs Marcella T Walton, (retired from Tambrands in 1989) on 5th July.
  • Mr Derek Druett, (retired from London Factory in 1987) on 6th July.
  • Miss Norma Latham, (retired from London Factory in 1991) on 11th July.
  • Mr Raymond Tomlinson, (retired from Manchester in 1998) on 20th July.
  • Mr Ormonde Whiteman (Patrick), (retired from Retail Sales) on 23rd July.
  • Mrs Florence Tate, widow of Sam Tate (retired from Manchester Factory in 1983) on 24th July.
  • Mrs Dorothy Galleymore, widow of Harry Galleymore (retired from Newcastle Factory in 1975) on 25th July.
  • Mr George Guichard (retired from London Plant in 2005) on 26th July.
  • Mrs Irene Wallbank, widow of Frank Wallbank (retired from Tambrands) on 27th July.
  • Mrs Peggy Godin, widow of David Fisher (retired from E&SO (RVL) in 1988) on 29th July.
  • Mrs Florence Kirk, (retired from Tambrands in 1982) on 30th July.


  • Mr Austin Hallinan, (left from Brooklands in 2006) on 14th August.


  • Mrs Mollie Dixon (retired from Tambrands in 1995) on 9th September.
  • Mr David Bracegirdle (retired from Manchester Factory in 1999) on 11th September.
  • Mr David Pearson (retired from FS&ICP Sales, Hayes in 1994) on 18th September.
  • Mr John McManus (retired from Manchester Factory in 1992) on 19th September.
  • Mr Henry (Harry) Dentith (retired from Manchester Factory in 1977) on 19th September.
  • Mr Peter Gray (retired Group Service in Mexico in 1993) on 24th September.
  • Mr John McAlpine (retired from CA&S Newcastle in 1991) on 25th September.
  • Mr Norman Robinson (retired from Traffic Operations, Gosforth in 1984) on 25th September.
  • Mr Patrick Brown (retired from Promotions Services, Gosforth in 1990) on 27th September.
  • Mr George Hooley (retired Manchester Factory in 1999) on 27th September.


  • Miss Mary Egan (retired from District Sales Office, Manchester in 1969) on 3rd October.
  • Mrs Charlotte Allen (retired from Tambrands in 1989) on 5th October.
  • Mr William Simpson (retired from Newcastle Factory in 1973) on 15th October.
  • Mr Eric Bolt (retired from London Factory in 1992) on 19th October.
  • Mrs Mabel Hayter (retired from Tambrands in 1986) on 19th October
  • Mrs Mary Thomas (widow of Timothy Thomas, retired from West Thurrock in 1984) on 30th October.


  • Mr Alan Lockett (retired from Manchester Factory in 1999) on 7th November.
  • Mrs Hilda Hammett (widow of Robert Charles Hammett, retired from Tambrands in 1990) on 25th November.
  • Mrs Leonora Hayward (widow of Mr E.F. Hayward, retired from Manchester in 1970) on 25th November.
  • Mr John Dodds (retired from Newcastle City Road in 1995) on 28th November.
  • Mr Stanley Pescod (retired from Longbenton in 1985) on 30th November.
  • Mrs Margaret Dove (widow of John Dove who retired from Retail Sales in 1979) on 30th November.


  • Mr Alan Howard (retired from NTC in 2000) on 2nd December.
  • Mrs Monica Morris (widow of John Morris who retired from Retail Sales in 1984) on 2nd December.
  • Mrs Irene Whittaker (widow of John Whittaker, retired from Manchester Plant in 1983) on 3rd December.
  • Mrs Elsie Williamson (widow of Jack Williamson, retired from Manchester Plant in 1980) on 7th December.
  • Miss Margaret Mowat (retired from Market Research, Newcastle in 1982) on 8th December.
  • Mr Henry Robinson (retired from NTC R&D in 1977) on 10th December.
  • Mr Dennis Beckett (retired from Manchester Plant in 1996) on 19th December.
  • Mrs Mary Tighe (retired from Tambrands in 1980) on 22nd December.
  • Mrs Sylvia Wright (retired from Salaries Newcastle in 1977) on 22nd December.
  • Mr Edward Ringrose (retired from West Thurrock in 1996) on 26th December.
  • Mrs Irene Jennings (retired from Tambrands in 1982) on 26th December.
  • Mrs Margaret Wilkinson (retired from MMO Customer Services in 1993) on 26 December.
  • Mr Peter J Crowther (retired from Noxell in 1994) on 29th December.
  • Mr Cyril R Jones (retired from West Thurrock in 1990) on 31st December.

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