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In Memoriam : Listing for 2009


  • Mrs Margaret Funnell (widow of John Funnell, retired Tambrands) on 2nd January.
  • Mr Edwin Power (retired Newcastle in 1981) on 3rd January.
  • Mrs Joyce Scott (retired London in 1981) on 5th January.
  • Mr Frank R Murphy (retired Manchester in 1992) on 10th January.
  • Mr Fred Chapman (retired Manchester in 1973) on 10th January.
  • Mrs Joyce Clayton (widow of Neale Clayton, retired Newcastle) on 13th January.
  • Mr Lawrence Byrne (retired London in 1982) on 16th January.
  • Mrs Pearl Stanton (retired London in 1998, also widow of Jack Stanton, retired London) on 20th January.
  • Mr Maurice Gaskell (widower of Margaret Gaskell, retired Skelmersdale) on 20th January.
  • Mr Kenneth Mullineux (retired Manchester in 1989) on 23rd January.
  • Mr Peter Hext (retired Havant in 2002) on 26th January.
  • Mr Cyril Goodwin (retired Manchester in 1989) on 26th January.
  • Mr Dennis Milton (retired Egham in 1991) on 27th January.
  • Mrs Kathleen Leaper (retired Manchester in 1980) on 29th January.
  • Mr Brian Stabler (retired from Manchester in 1997) date not known.


  • Mrs Doris Janes (retired Tambrands in 1987) on 4th February.
  • Mr William Adamson (retired NTC in 1977) on 10th February.
  • Mr Arthur McGregor (retired Newcastle in 1975) on 10th February.
  • Mrs Mable Bowles (widow of Cecil Bowles, died in service, Longbenton) on 13th February.
  • Mr Anthony Maddison (retired Chemical Division in 1978) on 14th February.
  • Mrs Jane Horsefield (widow of James Horsefield, retired Newcastle) on 25th February.
  • Mrs Joyce Barker (widow of John B Barker, retired Leeds Sales) on 28th February.


  • Mrs Thora Smith (widow of Leslie Smith, retired London) on 5th March.
  • Mr Clifford Sadler (retired London in 1985) on 11th March.
  • Mr Ernest G Sandbach (retired Manchester in 1994) on 11th March.
  • Mr Henry Hickson (retired Manchester in 1976) on 12th March.
  • Mrs Mary Millicent Lawler (widow of Robert Lawler, retired Tambrands) on 13th March.
  • Mr Eric Cooper (retired London in 1981) on 14th March.
  • Mr Lesley F Burton (retired Newcastle in 1981) on 18th March .
  • Mrs Maureen F Brown (retired Team Valley in 1972) on 20th March.
  • Mr Graham Heath (retired Tambrands in 1996) on 20th March.
  • Miss Violet McCabe (retired Tambrands in 1990) on 21st March.
  • Mr Andrew Kennedy (retired Havant in 1989) on 24th March.
  • Miss Sheila May Worsley (retired Manchester in 1986) on 25th March.
  • Mr Carey Forge (retired Newcastle in 1983) on 26th March.
  • Mrs Mabel Bright (widow of Percy Bright, retired London) on 27th March.
  • Mr Roy Chalcraft (retired Tambrands in 1991) on 31st March.


  • Mr Peter Jenkins (retired NTC in 2002) on 2nd April.
  • Ms Susanna Nicholls (retired Egham in 2007) on 4th April.
  • Mrs Betty W Redmayne (retired Newcastle in 1974) on 7th April.
  • Miss Barbara Falkous (retired Newcastle in 1973) on 9th April.
  • Mrs Doris Owen (retired Manchester in 1982) on 14th April.
  • Mrs Hilda Fuller (widow of Stanley Fuller, retired London) on 15th April.
  • Mrs Mary Monaghan (widow of James Monaghan, retired Newcastle) on 19th April.
  • Mr Frank Crooks (retired from London in 1995) on 19th April.
  • Mrs Olive Long (widow of Albert Long, retired London) on 24th April.


  • Mr Edwin Hoar (retired Tambrands in 1991) on 3rd May.
  • Mr Richard Tindall (retired Woking in 1995) on 3rd May.
  • Mrs Molly Moorehead (widow of James Moorehead, retired Northern Ireland Sales ) on 4th May.
  • Mr Archibald Leitch (retired Shulton in 1991) on 7th May.
  • Mr Raymond (Ray) Cole (retired Gosforth in 1996) on 10th May.
  • Mr Alan Forster (retired Gosforth in 1983) on 11th May.
  • Mrs Pamela (Pam) Martin (widow of William Martin, retired London) on 17th May.
  • Mrs Mary Kimber (retired Tambrands in 1997) on 17th May.
  • Mrs Nora Robinson (retired Gosforth in 1978) on 22nd May.
  • Mrs Jane Thompson (retired Gosforth) on 25th May.


  • Mrs Joan Trousdale (widow of Dennis Trousdale, retired Gosforth) on 10th June.
  • Mr James Bloor (retired Manchester in 1982) on 10th June.
  • Mrs Dorothy Norris (retired Max Factor in 1992) on 11th June.
  • Mrs Catherine Burney (retired Gosforth in 1985) on 15th June.
  • Mrs Hilda Williamson (retired from Manchester in 1986) on 24th June.
  • Mr Thomas Kerridge (retired from Tambrands in 1987) on 28th June.
  • Mrs Winifred Whitehead (widow of Albert Whitehead, retired London) on 30th June.


  • Mr Edward Gough (retired Manchester in 1997) on 2nd July.
  • Mrs Lorna C Ashforth (widow of George Ashforth, retired Newcastle) on 5th July.
  • Mrs Ivy Barker (widow of Cecil Barker, retired, West Thurrock) on 11th July.
  • Mr Henry George Smith (retired London in 1983) on 21st July.
  • Mrs Kathleen Summers (widow of James Summers, retired Richardson Vicks) on 22nd July.
  • Mr Christopher Rickman (retired Manchester in 2000) on 29th July.
  • Mr Edward Martin (retired Manchester in 1992) on 30th July.
  • Mrs Everett Gibbs (widow of Albert Gibbs, retired London) on 31st July.


  • Mr Michael Shearer (retired Manchester in 1993) on 4th August
  • Mr Eric Dibblin (retired Gosforth in 1986) on 9th August.
  • Mr Ernie Shearn (retired Egham in 1988) on 10th August.
  • Mrs Edith C Rodger (widow of Tom Rodger, retired Blackpool Sales) on 27th August..
  • Mr E (Ted) Skelding (retired Manchester in 2000) on 27th August.


  • Mrs Eileen Wright (widow of John Wright, retired Sales) on 2nd September.
  • Mrs Eileen Jackson (widow of Edward Jackson, retired Wakefield) on 2nd September.
  • Mr Brian C Hooper (retired Max Factor in 1992) on 7th September.
  • Mrs Gwendoline Gibney (retired Egham in 1995) on 14th September.
  • Mr Joseph James Cox (retired London in 1983) on 15th September.
  • Miss Kathleen B Hamer (retired Newcastle in 1979) on 26th September.
  • Mrs Eva Atkinson (retired Newcastle in 1974) on 30th September 2009.


  • Mrs Carol Milbank (retired Cobalt in 2002) on 10th October.
  • Mrs Kareen Whitworth (retired Gosforth in 1999) on 12th October.
  • Mrs Lillian Crooks (widow of Frank Crooks, retired London in 1977) on 13th October.
  • Mr John Henley (retired June 1992) on 15th October.
  • Mr Brian Wood (retired Southampton & Bournemouth Sales in 1982) on 17th October.
  • Mrs Alice Crawley (retired Newcastle in 1973) on 19th October.
  • Mr Tom Butler (retired Bournemouth in 1997) on 21st October.
  • Mr Michael Bones (retired Seaton Delaval in 2003) on 23rd October.
  • Mr Edward McDermott (retired Skelmersdale in 2000) on 30th October.


  • Mr Geoffrey W Newton (retired Manchester in 1994) on 4th November.
  • Mrs V C Cobb (retired Tambrands in 1978) on 8th November.
  • Mr Harry Heywood (retired Manchester in 1988) on 8th November.
  • Mrs Ethel Jago (retired from Tambrands in 1983) on 11th November.
  • Mr Alan D Eckersley (retired Lancashire Sales in 1975) on 12th November.
  • Mrs Marion Berry (widow of William Berry retired Skelmersdale in 1979) on 13th November.
  • Mr Graham Kaye (retired Manchester in 1999) on 14th November.
  • Mr JA Henley (retired Gosforth in 1992) on 15th October.
  • Mrs M Nickleson (retired London in 1980) on 19th November.
  • Mr Ernest Boys (retired Tambrands in 1993) on 21st November.
  • Mrs Septina Patterson (widow of John R.Patterson, retired Newcastle) on 21st November.
  • Mrs Florence Rawcliffe (widow of Arthur Rawcliffe, retired Manchester in 1968) on 23rd November.
  • Mrs P. Williams (retired Tambrands in 1996) on 24th November.
  • Mr Samuel Raymond Bates on 25th November.
  • Mr Wilkie Small (retired Longbenton in 1986) on 27th November.
  • Miss Dorothy Ann Sharp on 28th November.
  • Mrs Olive Walters (widow of William J Walters, retired Goodmayes in 1983) on 28th November.


  • Mr Edward Matthews (retired Newcastle in 1985) on 4th December.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Croston (widow of George E. Croston, retired Manchester in 1980) on 3rd December.
  • Mrs Vera White (widow of Ronald White, retired Manchester in 1979) on 15th December.
  • Mr David Charles Constable (retired Tambrands in 1992) on 27th December.

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