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In Memoriam : Listing for 2011


  • Mrs Marjory Robinson (widow of Norman Robinson retired Gosforth in 1984) on 2nd January.
  • Mrs Agnes Sheila Hodgson (retired  Newcastle in 1987) on 2nd January.
  • Mrs Ethel Hawke (retired NTC in 1978) on 11th January.
  • Mr David Dargan (retired Gosforth in 1998) on 14th January.
  • Mrs Martha Brindle (widow of John Brindle, of Skelmersdale, died in service 1990) on 15th January.
  • Mr Colin Sutcliffe (retired  Manchester in 1999) on 23rd January.
  • Mrs Florence Ivy Oliver (widow of Fred Oliver, died in service in 1973) on 27th January.
  • Mrs Winning (Winnie) Murphy (widow of Tommy Murphy retired Manchester in 1983) on 27th January.
  • Mr Frank E Hunt (retired Manchester in 1990) on 30th January.


  • Mr Frederick Smith (retired London in 1991) on 3rd February.
  • Mr Christopher (Chris) Park (retired Egham in 2003) on 7th February.
  • Mr Patrick Bowen (retired Tyne Tunnel in 1990) on 15th February.
  • Mr Derek Middleton (retired Newcastle in 1989) on 18th February.
  • Mr Arthur Clarke (retired London in 1990) on 20th February.
  • Mr Richard Zyga (retired Tambrands in 1987) on 21st February.
  • Mr Peter Pengilly (retired Gosforth in 1982) on 21st February.
  • Mrs Doreen Saunders (widow of Dennis Saunders, retired in 1991 P&G Canada [previously Gosforth]) on 21st February.
  • Mr Peter Schofield (retired  Gosforth in 1991) on 24th February.
  • Miss Veronica Graydon (retired Newcastle in 1983) on 25th February


  • Mrs Lily Dryden (retired  Gosforth in 1982) on 4th March.
  • Mrs Beattie Searle (retired Tambrands in 1993) on 11th March.
  • Mrs Ruth Joyce Hill (widow of George Hill, retired London in 1983) on 11th March.
  • Mrs Doreen Jones (widow of Gwilym [Taffy] Jones, retired London in 1983) on 12th March.
  • Mr Roy Moores (retired Manchester  in 1982) on 29th March


  • Mrs Christina Lee (widow of Alan Lee  retired Personnel in 1979) on 6th April.
  • Mrs Edna West (retired Manchester in 1977) on 11th April.
  • Mrs R Evans (widow of Mr W Evans, retired Manchester in 1973) on 14th April.
  • Mrs Rita Howard (widow of George Howard, retired Retail Sales in 1985) on 15th April.
  • Mrs Violet Mann (retired Havant in 1977) on 19th April.
  • Mrs Dorothy Drain (widow of Thomas Drain, retired Havant in April 1984) on 19th April.
  • Mrs Vera Mann (widow of Leslie Gray, retired London in 1983) on 26th April.
  • Mrs Mary D Brodie (widow of Walter Brodie, retired Goodmayes in 1985) on 29th April.


  • Mrs Sheila Kinghorn (retired Gosforth in 1986) on 2nd May.
  • Mrs Edith Maude Jenkins (widow of Leslie Jenkins  retired Egham in 1981) on 3rd May.
  • Mr John Vincent Kelly (retired Shulton in 1991) on 4th May.
  • Mrs Mary Sweeney (retired Wakefield in 1991) on 9th May.
  • Mr D Foat (retired from Skelmersdale in 2001) on 10th May.
  • Mrs Edna Mary Parkinson (retired Newcastle in 1976) on 16th May.
  • Mr Bruce Wilson (retired London in 2001) on 17th May.
  • Mr Donald Thompson (retired Manchester in 1994) on 18th May.


  • Mr David Redman (retired Havant in 2003) on 1st June.
  • Mr Brian Moore (retired Max Factor in 1992) on 2nd June.
  • Mr Francis W Weston (retired London in 1993) on 9th June.
  • Mrs Eileen Deirdre Whiteman (widow of Ormonde (Patrick) Whiteman, retired Retail Sales in 1982) on 9th June.
  • Mrs Ivy Haywood (widow of Frank Haywood, retired Retail Sales in 1973) on 28th June.


  • Mrs Norma Hails (widow of Graham Hails, retired Gosforth in 1992) on 5th July.
  • Mrs Elsie Foster (widow of Charles Foster, retired Retail Sales in 1971) on 8th July.
  • Mr Douglas Bryden (retired London in 1983) on 14th July.
  • Mr Bryan Court (retired Havant in 1995) on 20th July.
  • Mr Colin Marston (retired Manchester in 1983) on 20th July.


  • Mr Eric Atkins (retired London in 1993) on 3rd August.
  • Mr Leonard Reynolds (retired NTC in 1983) on 6th August.
  • Mr Terry Morris (retired London in 2002) on 6th August.
  • Mrs Joan Ridley (formerly Gosforth, retired in 1998) on 7th August.
  • Mr William Upchurch (formerly Manchester, retired in 2006) on 10th August.
  • Mrs Hazel Ward (widow of Mr Geoffrey Ward retired Gosforth in 1981) on 12th August.


  • Mr Thomas Place (retired Tyne Tunnel in 1986) on 7th September.
  • Miss Robina Cooper (retired NTC in 1978) on 15th September.
  • Mrs Ursula McHardy (widow of Mr William McHardy retired P&G Germany in 1986) on 17th September.
  • Mr Joseph McGuire (retired Manchester in 2003) on 21st September.
  • Mr Frederick Pennock (retired NTC in 1983) on 21st September.
  • Mrs Doreen Stevenson (widow of Mr John Stevenson retired Newcastle in 1979) on 27th September.


  • Mr Brian E Spencer (retired Havant in 2001) on 1st October.
  • Mr Robert Fish (retired London in 1995) on 9th October.
  • Mrs Barbara McLaughlin (retired Manchester in 1989) on 15th October.
  • Mrs Edna Frost (widow of Norman Frost, retired Manchester in 1981) on 21st October.
  • Mrs Winifred Brennan (widow of Robert Brennan, retired NTC on 5th May 1972) on 23rd October.
  • Mr Raymond Tones (retired  Newcastle on 30 August 1986) on 26th October.
  • Mr Colin Johnson (retired NTC on 31 July 1979) on 27th October.
  • Mr Cyril Rees Watson [Known as Bill] (retired London in 1983) on 28th October.


  • Mr Robert A Gray [Known as Tony] (retired Manchester in 1988) on 6th November.
  • Mrs Janet Wheeler (widow of Philip Wheeler, retired Manchester in 1999) on 13th November.
  • Mrs Dorothy Pollock (widow of James (Jimmy) Pollock, retired London in 1981) on 22nd November.
  • Mrs Rhona Harris (widow of Richard Harris, retired NTC in 1985) on 23rd November.


  • Mr Baynard Robert Coxon (retired Newcastle in 1975) on 1st December.
  • Mr Neville Ager (retired Tambrands in 1993) on 9th December.
  • Mr Peter Draper (retired Cobalt Park in 2005) on 12th December.
  • Mrs Margaret Peacock (retired from Max Factor in 1992) on 14th December.
  • Mrs Esther Huldie (widow of George Huldie who died in service, Newcastle in 1975) on 26th December.
  • Mrs Audrey Butterworth (widow of Gerald Butterworth, retired NTC in 1975) on 26th December.

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