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In Memoriam : Listing for 2012


  • Mrs Doreen Derby (widow of Philip Derby died in service Manchester in 1978) on 4th January.
  • Mr John M Partridge (retired Gosforth in 1989) on 16th January.
  • Mr Ron Brotherton (retired NTC in 1988) on 29th January.


  • Mr Kenneth Rodhouse (retired Southern Region in 1986) on 8th February.
  • Mr Derek Gaskell (retired Seaton Delaval in 2002) on 13th February.
  • Mrs Norma Johnson (widow of George Johnson, retired Newcastle in 1983) on 16th February.
  • Mr Lawrence Tozer (retired Havant in 2004) on 19th February.
  • Mrs Hazel Randle (retired Tambrands in 1986) on 20th February.
  • Mr Christopher Curry (retired Tambrands in 1994) on 28th February.
  • Mr Edward Sharples (retired Retail Sales in 1982) on 29th February.


  • Mrs Mary Jean Murtagh (widow of John Murtagh, retired Manchester in 1990) on 1st March.
  • Mrs Etheldreda Jones (widow of Thomas Jones died in service Manchester in 1976) on 7th March.
  • Mr Edward Rogers (retired Manchester Plant in 1993) on 7th March.
  • Mr Dennis Edward Speechley (retired Manchester in 1979) on 18th March.
  • Mrs Elsie Mary Middleton (widow of Derek Middleton, retired Newcastle in 1989) on 18th March.
  • Mr Terence Alan Spybey (retired Chemical Division (Europe) in 1992) on 22nd March. 
  • Miss Yvonne E Mairy (retired  Newcastle in 1980) on 28th March.
  • Mrs Gwendlene Mary Ware (widow of Ronald Ware died in service NTC in 1980) on 30th March.


  • Mrs Margaret Rees (retired Bournemouth in 2006) on 18th April.
  • Mr Wilfred Anderson (retired Products Distribution  in 1976) on 22nd April.
  • Mr Melvin Leighton (widower of Margaret Leighton retired Newcastle in 1994) on 23rd April.
  • Mr Stanley Sheppard (retired NTC in 1981) on 23rd April 2012.
  • Mrs Mary Blears (widow of John Blears, retired Manchester in 1996) on 25th April.
  • Mrs Catherine Tomlinson (widow of Raymond Tomlinson retired Manchester in 1998) on 26th April,


  • Ms Hazel Day (retired Tambrands in  2009) on 6th May.
  • Mr Dennis Hiscox (retired Bristol PDD in 1988) on 7th May.
  • Mrs Ann Brooks (widow of James Brooks, retired Newcastle in 1975) on 9th May.
  • Mr Norman Heron (retired Tyneside in 1997) on 14th May.
  • Mrs Margaret Yates (widow of Ronald Yates died in service Manchester in 1982) on 15th May.
  • Mr Thomas (Tom) Saunders (retired from London in 1986) on 15th May.
  • Mrs Margaret Brown (retired  Newcastle in 1974) on 19th May.
  • Mr Leonard W Howe (retired from London in 1991) on 22nd May.


  • Mr Leslie Perriman (retired Wakefield in 1990) on 2nd June.
  • Mr Ian H Redding (left Skelmersdale in 1991, retired in 2006) on 3rd June.
  • Mrs Hilda M Wignall (widow of Richard Wignall  retired London in 1992) on 9th June.
  • Mrs Geraldine Bruce, (widow of Charles Bruce retired  Gosforth in 1985) on 12 June.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Gebbie, (widow of Arthur Gebbie  retired Retail Sales in 1981) on 22 June.
  • Mrs Irene Templeton, (widow of Robert Templeton  died in service Manchester in 1968) on 22 June.
  • Mrs Nora Marriott, (widow of  George Marriott retired PDD Humberside in 1978) on 26 June.
  • Mr Alwyn Smith, (retired Bournemouth in 1991) on 26th June.
  • Mrs Brenda Fish, (widow of  Robert Fish retired London in 1995) on 28th June.
  • Mrs Margaret Mallard (retired Tambrands in 1988) on 28th June.


  • Mr Andrew Rose (retired Newcastle in 1983) on 20 July
  • Mr Trevor Middlemiss (retired Seaton Delaval in 2009) on 27 July
  • Mrs Mary Frances Cooper (widow of Maurice Cooper retired Gosforth in 1975) on 31 July


  • Mrs Audrey Y Carr (retired Gosforth in 1990) on 18th August.
  • Mr Joseph Hough (retired Manchester in 1983) on 11th August
  • Mrs Maureen Foster (widow of Alan Foster retired ETC in 1984) on 15th August.
  • Mr Eric Price (retired Manchester in 1996) on 27th August.


  • Mr Stanley B Dodd (retired Manchester in 1978) on 8th September.
  • Mr Peter Theodoulou (retired P&G Africa in 2000) on 10th September.
  • Mr John Scott (retired Havant in 1997) on 17th September.
  • Mr Jack Denison (retired Manchester in 1993) on 21st September.
  • Mr Robert Bennett (retired Manchester in 1985) on 22nd September.



  • Mr Erenest Herd (retired Manchester in 1993) on 23rd November.


  • Mrs Pauline Robertson (retired Cobalt Park in 2000) on 7th December.
  • Mr Peter Elkington (retired Havant in 2001) on 13th December.
  • Mrs Ethel Alderson (retired in 1981) on 15th December.
  • Mrs P R Ingram (retired Max Factor in 1992) on 17th December.
  • Mr Arthur Pickess (retired in 1985) on 18th December.
  • Mrs G Wilson (widow of Mr. R. Wilson, retired in 2005) on 25th December.
  • Mr Graeme Burge (retired in 1988) on 26th December.

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