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In Memoriam : Listing for 2013


  • Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Deverell (retired  London in 1989) on 2nd January.
  • Mr Kenneth James Hammond (retired Gosforth in 1985) on 4th January.
  • Mr Peter Dickson (retired London in 1986) on 19th January.
  • Mr Ronald Robert Balmbra (retired Longbenton in 1994) on 27th January,
  • Mrs Dawn Grey (retired Shulton in 1997) on 30th January.
  • Mrs Ellen Smith (retired in 1998) on 30th January.


  • Mr William Archer (retired London in 1984) on 11th February.
  • Mr Reginald Lee (retired London in 1989) on 13th February.
  • Mr. Leonard Frank Nixon (retired London in 1983) on 17th February.
  • Mr. George McAnelly (retired Longbenton in 1985) on 19th February.
  • Mr George Calvin(retired ETC in 1994) on 22nd February.
  • Mrs Christine Young (retired Longbenton in 1986) on 27th February.


  • Mr Leslie Houlton Froomes (workplace unknown) on 4th March.
  • Mr. Mike Durham (retired Gosforth) on 12th March.
  • Mr. Duncan James Smith Anderson (retired Brooklands) on 15th March.
  • Mr. Max Smith (retired Gosforth in 1984) on 31st March.


  • Mr Matthew Joseph Murtagh (retired Manchester in 1991) on 8th April.
  • Mr. Arthur Fenning (retired Newcastle in 1980) on 13th  April.
  • Mrs Elise Madeline Meredith (retired Havant) on 15th April
  • Mr Frank Henry Dean (retired Manchester in 1979) on 22nd April.
  • Mr William Hugh Payne-Lawrey (retired Shulton in 1991) on 22nd April.
  • Mr William Beasley (retired Manchester in 1995) on 30th April.
  • Miss Betty Audrey Venn (retired Bristol in 1981) on 30th April.


  • Mrs Gertrude Finkle (retired Gosforth in 1970) on 3rd May.
  • Mrs Angela Margaret Selley (retired Reading) on 31st May.


  • Mr Raymond Charles Faraway (retired London in 1984) on 13th June.
  • Mrs Pauline Watson (widow of former Havant retiree) on 17th June.
  • Mrs E R Rowe (retired Reading 1980) on 29th June.


  • Mrs Isabella Ann Whittle (retired Gosforth in 1997) on 12th July.
  • Mrs Margaret Bateman (retired Noxell in 1989) on 26th July.


  • Mr Brian Waind (retired Gosforth in 1994) on 4th August.
  • Mrs Mary (Molly) Clementson (retired Gosforth in 1982) on 5th August.
  • Miss M Welsh (retired Gosforth in 1997) on 9th August.
  • Mr D G Winsor (retired Manchester in 2002) on 15th August.
  • Mrs Elsie Hall (retired Cobalt in 2003) on 21st August.
  • Mrs Gladys Doreen Hunter (widow of Mr George Hunter) on 24th August
  • Mrs Mary Backhouse (retired retail sales in 1978) on 25th August.
  • Mrs Shelia Joan Archer (Widow of Mr William Archer) on 28th August.


  • Dr David H. Huntington (retired Longbenton in 2002) on 1st September.
  • Mr Gordan Coles (retired possible Basingstoke in 1989) on 2nd September.
  • Mrs Eileen Howe (widow of Cyril Howe retired Longbenton in  1976) on 3rd September.
  • Mr Roy Watson (retired Manchester in 1994) on 10th September.
  • Mrs Joan Wood (retired Brooklands in 1999) on 10th September.
  • Mr John Charles Gaillie (retired Sales in 1989) on 14th September.
  • Mrs Phyllis Joan Gill (widow of Mr Charles Gill) on 27th September.
  • Dr Alan E. Ridley (widower of Mrs Joan Ridley) on 28th September.


  • Mr Philip Brown (retired London in 1999) on 2nd October.
  • Mr Brian Alfred Churchill (retired Havant in 2000) on 5th October.
  • Mr Christopher John Banwell (retired USA in 1995 on 5th October.
  • Mr John Arthur Barker (retired Newcastle in 1981) on 8th October.
  • Mr Geoffrey Rudyard Dennis (retired London in 1996) on 12th October.
  • Mr George William Matthews (retired Manchester in 2001) on 12th October.
  • Mr Andrew John Jones (retired Wrexham in 2007) on 17th October.
  • Mr Gerald Colligan (retired Manchester in 1994) on 20th October.
  • Mr Ronald Burns (retired Newcastle in 1991) on 21st October.
  • Mrs Valerie Graham Elliott (retired Longbenton  in 2008) on 22nd October.
  • Mr Michael Greene (retired Gosforth in 1988) on 22nd October.


  • Mr John Ashworth Walker (retired Manchester in 1983) on 3rd November.
  • Mrs Linda Kathleen Campbell (retired London in 2005) on 5th November.
  • Mr Colin Murdie (retired Longbenton in 1993) on 9th November.
  • Mr Dennis Parrack (retired Gosforth in1989) on 9th November.
  • Mrs Minnie Lily Sygrove (retired London in 1984) on 13th November.
  • Mr Leslie Read (retired Gosforth in 1995) on 29th November.


  • Mr Geoffrey Peter Copeman (retired London in 1988) on 5th December.
  • Mr Stanley Harding (retired Gosforth in 1989) on 9th December.
  • Mr John Horton (retired Gosforth in 1988) on 16th December.
  • Mrs Dorothy Gilbey on 16th December.
  • Mr Colin Bannister (retired London in 1993) on 22nd December.
  • Mr Robert Mayes (retired London) on 26th December.

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