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In Memoriam 2014 : Listing for 2014


  • Mr Brian Smith (retired Longbenton in 1999) on 8th January
  • Mrs Florence Edith Taylor (widow of John Taylor retired in) on 25th January
  • Mr Anthony McCartney (widower of Patricia McCartney retired Longbenton in 1999) on 27th January


  • Mr Edward Miller (retired London in 1995) on 6th February
  • Mr Brian Taylor (retired Manchester in 1999) on 9th February
  • Mrs Edith Young (retired Manchester in 1982) on 12th February.
  • Mrs Annie Armstrong Read (widow of Eric Read retired Manchester) on 13th February.
  • Mrs Edna Mary Phoenix (widow of John Phoenix retired Manchesterm in 1996) on 17th February.
  • Mrs Jane Wallace (retired in 1994) on 18th February
  • Mr D J W Hodge (retired Seaton Delaval in 1994) on 22nd February
  • Mrs Marjorie Cokayne (widow of Peter Cokayne  retired Manchester in 1998) on 23rd February
  • Mr John Sams (retired Longbenton in 1988) on 27th February.
  • Mrs Anne Castling (retired Gosforth in 1991) on 27th February.


  • Mr James Halliday (retired Gosforth in 1979) on 5th March.
  • Mr Arthur Begg (retired 1987) on 16th March.
  • Mr John Cree Locke  (retired London in 1995) on 16th March.
  • Mr Laurence Dench (retired Gosforth in 1984) on 19th March.
  • Mr Frederick William Nelson (retired Manchester in 1993) on 24th March.
  • Mr Russel John Thomas (retired Skelmersdale in 2013) on 29th March.
  • Mrs Lily Crow widow of Thomas William Crow (retired Manchester in 1989) on 30th March.
  • Mr Joseph Edward McAtominey (retired Gosforth in 1994) on 31st March.


  • Mr William Austin Marriott  (retired Manchester in 1989) on 3rd April
  • Mrs Diana Clarke (widow of Arthur Clarke retired London in 1990) on 10th April.
  • Mr James Hadden Clarkson (retired Hayesgate in 1993) on 12th April.
  • Mrs Margaret Carol Middlemiss (retired in 1992) on 20th April.
  • Mr Gerald Knapp (retired London in 1992) on 21st April.


  • Mr James Harry Wills (retired Gosforth in 1985) on 6th May.
  • Mr Frederick James Fuller (retired Seaton Delaval in 2001) on 10th May.
  • Mr James Latty (retired Seaton Delaval in 2009) on 23rd May.
  • Mr John Derbyshire  (retired Manchester in 1986) on 27th May
  • Mr Alexander Ogilvie (retired Gosforth in 1993) on 31st May.


  • Mrs Winnie Coulson (widow of Andrew Coulson retired Seaton Delaval  in 1984) on 1st June.
  • Mr Lionel French (retired in 1993) on 4th June.
  • Mr Frederick Ashton (retired Bournemouth in 1992) on 5th June.
  • Mr Albert Preston (retired Manchester in 1984) on 8th June.
  • Mr Thomas Henry Whitfield (retired Skelmersdale in 1987) on 9th June.
  • Mrs Audrey Cook (retired Brooklands in 2001) on 10th June
  • Mr Roger Royle (retired Manchester in 1999) on 12th June.
  • Mr Louis Costello (retired Staines in 1993) on 13th June.


  • Mrs Sylvia Wright (widow of Kenneth Wright retired Gosforth in  1985) on 3rd July.
  • Mrs Jennie Grant Barritt (widow of Norman Barritt retired Gosforth in 1985) on 5th July
  • Mr Ronald Hogg (retired Gosforth in 1988) on 30th July
  • Mrs Elizabeth Barnett (widow of Harry Barnett retired Newcastle in 1983) on 31st July


  • Mr Paul Taylor (retired Havant in 2001) on 4th August.
  • Mr Philip Bell (retired Gosforth in 1990 from) on 4th August.
  • Mr Paul Alfred Medd (retired Manchester in 2003) on 5th August
  • Mr Donald Dack (widower of Betty Dack) on 11th August.
  • Mr Robert Hornsby (retired London in 1986) on 12th August
  • Mrs Nancy Vallis (widow of Alan Vallis retired Sales in 1986) on 20th August.
  • Mrs Irene Sawkins (widow of Albert Sawkins) on 29th August.
  • Mrs Jacqueline Joyce Wood (retired Sales in 1983) on 31st August


  • Mrs Deanna Smith (retired Seaton Delaval in 2002) on 6th September.
  • Mr Brian Johnson (retired Gosforth in 1998) on 6th September.
  • Mrs Gladys Vallely (widow of Peter Vallely retired Manchester in 1981) on 7th September.
  • Mrs Mary Tompkins (widow of Roy Tompkins ) on 8th September.
  • Mr Keith Lisgo (retired Manchester in 1996) on 19th September.
  • Mr Norman Clarke (retired Seaton Delaval in 2011) on 28th September.


  • Dr Frederick Edward Hardy (retired Longbenton in1994) on 6th October.
  • Mrs Jessie Laird Sidney (retired Seaton Delaval in 2001) on 7th October.
  • Mr Bernard Smallwood (retired Manchester in  1990) on 12th October.
  • Mr William James Rorke (retired Manchester in1995) on 25th October.
  • Mrs Robina Macintosh (widow of Donald R Mackinson retired Newcastle in 1985) on 24th October.
  • Mrs Catherine Stevenson (widow of Sir John Helm Wilshaw Stevenson, retired in 1975) on 30th October.


  • Mrs Vera Atkinson retired Newcastle in 1984) on 5th November.
  • Mrs Mary Crawford (widow of Mr John Thomas Crawford, retired in 1988) on 14th November.


  • Mr Kenneth Cecil Taylor (retired Manchester in 1981) on 5th December.
  • Mr George Forster Dawson (retired Longbenton in 1987) on 6th December.
  • Mrs Margaret Ann Steel (widow of Archibald Steel retired London Plant in 1983) on 17th December.
  • Miss Constance Mary Purvis (retired Gosforth in 1976) on 21st December.
  • Mrs Irene Parry (widow of James Parry retired Manchester in 1985) on 13th December
  • Mr Barry G Smith (retired Havant in 2002) on 30th December.
  • Mr Colin Evans (retired Egham in 1990) on 31st December.

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