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In Memoriam 2015 : Listing for 2015


  • Mr Joseph Smith (retired Newcastle in 1986) on 3rd January.
  • Mr Thomas Vincent McConnon (retired Manchester in 1987) on 4th January.
  • Mr David Lanceley Wigley (retired in 1997) on 10th January.
  • Mrs Beryl Plumbley (widow of Maurice Plumbley retired Manchester in 1996) on 20th January.
  • Mr Frank Charles Bakewell (retired Manchester in 1991) on 20th January.
  • Mr Frederick Alfred Milsom (retired Seaton Delaval in 1999) on 21st January.
  • Mr John Anthony Copestake (retired Reading in 2012) on 28th January.


  • Mr Maurice West (retired  London in 1981) on 5th February.
  • Mr Derek Sharpe (retired Manchester in 1992) on 19th February.
  • Mrs Audrey Edith Dickinson (retired Bristol in 1984) on 21st February.
  • Mrs Vera Robinson (widow of Leslie Robinson retired Skelmersdale in 2005) on 27th February.


  • Mr Godfrey James Lawson (retired London in 2006) on 1st March.
  • Mr William Albert Gurnett (retired London in 1990) on 4th March.
  • Mr Roger Hugh Meyrick (retired Norwich in 1992) on 5th March.
  • Mr William Alexander (Eric) Smith (retired Longbenton in 1986) on 6th March.
  • Mr Albert Charles Priest (retired London in 1995) on 6th March.
  • Mrs Carol Anne Murrell (retired Havant in 2001) on 8th March.
  • Mrs Beryl Wooldridge (widow of Clifford R J Wooldridge retired Plymouth in 1980) on 11th March.
  • Miss Lydia Ovington (retired Field Advertising in 1975) on 11th March.
  • Mr Andrew Timothy Baldwin (retired Reading in 2013) on 12th March.
  • Mr Joseph Frederick Inglefield (retired Manchester in 1992) on 17th March.
  • Mr Martin Lloyd Fellowes (retired in 1980) on 25th March.
  • Mr Albert John Edgar ( retired Manchester in 1981) on 25th March.
  • Mr James Francis Taylor (retired London in 1983) on 30th March.


  • Mrs D Shipley (retired Newcastle in 1992) on 3rd April.
  • Mrs Jean Marion Clark (widow of Duncan Cook Clark retired Manchester in 1977) on 16th April.
  • Mrs June Pamela Mary Bannister (Widow of Colin Edward Bannister retired London in 1993) on 17th April.
  • Mr Richard John Bryden (retired Havant in 2005) on 21st April.
  • Mrs Dorothy Dowden (widow of Jack Dowden retired London in 1988) on 30th April.


  • Mrs Joyce Hunter (widow of A Hunter) on 3rd May.
  • Mr Kenneth Byrne (retired Manchester in 1994) on 16th May.
  • Mr Beresford William Crouch (retired London in 1993) on 24th May.
  • Mr Peter Hall (retired Manchester in 1992) on 27th May.


  • Mrs Freda Lambert (retired Newcastle in 1974) on 11th June.
  • Mrs Freda Fitzgerald (widow of Joseph Fitzgerald retired Manchester in 1989) on 14th June.


  • Mrs Helen Hill (widow of Matthew Kirkman retired in 1984) on 2nd July.
  • Mrs Ivy Cave (widow of William Cave retired Bournemouth in 1997) on 20th July.
  • Mrs Edith Kerr (widow of Jack William Kerr died in employment in 1984) on 27th July.
  • Mr James Wilkinson (retired FS&ICP in 1987) on 30th July.


  • Mrs Eileen Ivy Copeman (widow of Geoffrey Peter Copeman  retired London in 1988) on 3rd August.
  • Mrs Josephine Atkins (widow of Eric Atkins retired London in 1993) on 21st August.
  • Mr David Stuart Hudson (retired Gosforth in 1990) on the 18th July.


  • Mrs Eileen Chumbley (retired in 1989) on 4th September.
  • Mr Russell Edgar (retired Glasgow in 1989) on 8th September.
  • Mr John William Kane (retired Manchester in 1987) on 12th September.
  • Mrs Joyce Shearn (widow of Earnest Shearn retired Egham in 1988) on 13th September.
  • Mr James Tyler (retired FS&ICP in 1989) on 23rd September.


  • Mrs Catherine Norma Hughes (widow of John Alan Jones retired Manchester in 1993) on 3rd October.
  • Mr James O'Neill (retired Manchester in 1995) on 13th October.
  • Mrs Brenda Ellis (retired Wakefield in 1993) on 15th October.
  • Mr Thomas George Doye (retired London in 2012) on 15th October.
  • Mr Harry Paddon (retired Bournemouth in 1992) on 16th October.
  • Dr Archibald Cook McEwan (retired Gosforth in 1990) on 20th October.
  • Mrs Marjorie Victoria Alice Jenkins (widow of William Jenkins retired in 1982) on 23rd October.


  • Mr Gary Keir (retired Bournemouth in 1994) on 2nd November.
  • Mrs Margaret Mogg (widow of Raymond Mogg retired in 1992) on 4th November.
  • Mr William Forster (retired in 1992) on 5th November.
  • Mr William Frederick Green (retired Manchester in 1989) on 14th November.
  • Mr Ernest Rowell (retired Newcastle in 1983) on 16th November.
  • Mrs Audrey Short (widow of Joseph Short retired Longbenton in 1994) on 21st November.
  • Mrs Dorothy Anne Clark (retired Newcastle in 2014) on 22nd November.
  • Mrs S B Cherrett (retired Bournemouth in 1999) on 23rd November.
  • Dr Kenneth Young (retired LINC in 2010) on 24th November.
  • Mrs Audrey Gorton (widow of Arthur Gorton retired Manchester in 1981) on 25th November.
  • Mrs Anne Crompton (widow of Peter Bernard Crompton retired London in 2006) on 30th November.
  • Mrs Gwyneth Mary Batten (retired in 1980) on 30th November.


  • Mr Thomas Snowdon (retired Longbenton in 1989) on 2nd December.
  • Mr Lindsay Perks, OBE (retired Gosforth in 1st July 1993) on 3rd December.
  • Mrs Margaret Jeffries (retired Gosforth in 2006) on 7th December.
  • Mr Dennis Albert Mantle (retired London in  1984) on 14th December.
  • Mrs Ada Collins (widow of Roland Collins retired Manchester in 1986) on 18th December.
  • Mr John Anthony Bradley (retired in 1981) on 20th December.

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