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In Memoriam.: Listing for 2016


  • Mr James Hubbard (retired Gosforth 1993) on 5th January.
  • Mr William Burnell (retired Manchester 1987) on 9th January.
  • Mrs Beryl Burke (retired 1996) on 9th January.
  • Mrs Joyce Smith (widow of Frederick Smith retired London 1991) on 12th January.
  • Mrs Eileen Maslen (widow of Charles James Maslen retired Cobalt Park 1994) on 12th January.
  • Mrs Lily Stoddart (retired Longbenton 1994) on 14th January.
  • Mr Sidney John Horne (retired London 1995) on 15th January.
  • Mrs Anne Brigham (retired Manchester 1995) on 16th January.
  • Mr James David Wharton (retired Manchester 1986) on 17th January.
  • Mr Harold Wilson (retired Manchester 1993) on 17th January.
  • Mr John W H Narburgh (retired 1996) on 18th January,
  • Mr Duncan Smith (retired Manchester 2005) on 19th January
  • Mr Frank Myerscough (retired 1983) on 22nd January.
  • Mr Alan Coleman (retired Seaton Delaval 2007) on 24th January.
  • Mr Derek Dixon (retired Gosforth 2001) on 27th January.


  • Mr Brian Roberts (retired Linc 2000) on 2nd February.
  • Mr Francis Aloysius Glover (retired Manchester 1986) on 5th February.
  • Mrs Doris Ellen Costello  (widow of Louis Costello retired Staines 2014) on 7th February
  • Mr Joseph George Allen (retired Tyneside 1985) on 8th February..
  • Mr John A Rogers (retired 1981) on 9th March.
  • Mr Raymond Bruce Cogger (retired London 2001) on 12th February.
  • Mrs Joyce Constance Starns (widow of Thomas Starns retired 1981) on 18th March.
  • Mrs Joyce Stuart (widow of Ernest Charles Stuart retired 1995) on 19th February.
  • Mr John Robert Collins (retired LINC 1993) on 22nd February.
  • Mr Graham Keats (retired 2003) on 22nd February.
  • Mr David Thompson (widower of Patricia Thompson retired 1988) on 26th February.
  • Mr James Andrew Wright (retired 20th September 1986) on 29th February.


  • Mr John Cameron (retired Bournemouth 1993) on 5th March.
  • Mr Charles Derek Parncutt (retired Manchester 1991) on 5th March.
  • Mr Terence J Hargreaves (retired Seaton Delaval 2003) on 7th March.
  • Mr Fredrick Stanley Dartnell (retired London 1995) on 12th March.
  • Mr David O Wall (retired Manchester 1997) on 21st March.
  • Mrs Deirdre Rangeley Oldfield (widow of Stanley Oldfield retired 1981) on 23rd March.
  • Mr Conrad Cooper (retired 2002) on 24th March.
  • Mrs Heather Dawn Burton (retired Wakefield 2000) on 29th March.
  • Mrs Hilda Lilian Woollam (widow of Tom Kenneth Woollam retired Manchester 1983) on 29th March.


  • Mrs Violet Gladys Chuter (widow of John W Chuter retired London 1978) on 11th April.
  • Mr Roy Charles Trundley (retired London 1994) on 12th April.
  • Mrs Ethel Chambers (widow John Chambers retired Manchester 1984) on 21st April.
  • Mrs Ann Rosemary Kellaway (retired Bournemouth 1999) on 23rd April.
  • Mr Keith Dumbleton (retired Bournemouth 1993) on 26th April.


  • Mr Roger Graham Utting (retired London 2003) on 3rd May.
  • Mr Dennis Edward Watts (retired Longbenton in 1993) on 5th May.
  • Mr John Nicholson (retired 2001) on 20th May.
  • Mr Jeffrey John Absalom (retired London 1992) on 30th May.


  • Mrs Dorothy Margaret Reeve (retired Longbenton 1984) on 4th June.
  • Mr J. Winterburn (retired Manchester 1987) on 8th June.
  • Mrs Eileen Cooper (widow of Eric Sidney Cooper retired London 1981) on 25th June.


  • Mr George Robert Atkinson (retired Newcastle 1989) on 8th July.
  • Mrs Daphne Shaw (retired Essex September 2002) on 19th July.
  • Mrs Sheila Wood (widow of  E Wood retired 1974) on 20th July.
  • Mrs Patricia Elizabeth Humphrys (retired London 1991) on 24th July.
  • Mrs Irene Druett (widow of Derek Druett retired London 1987) on 28th July.
  • Mr George Peter Holden ( retired Manchester 1988) on 29th July.
  • Mr Leslie Ness (retired Longbenton in 1988) on 30th July.
  • Mrs Ada Priscillia Lister (widow of Ernest Duff Lister retired Gosforth 1974) on 31st July.


  • Mr Arthur Augustus Howard (retired Gosforth 1987) on 2nd August.
  • Mrs Kathleen Vale (spouse of Roy Vale retired Manchester 1995) on 3rd August.
  • Mr Dominic Lambert (retired Newcastle 1990) on 4th August.
  • Mr James Arthur Speed (retired Manchester 1995) on 4th August.
  • Mrs Dorothy Newman Bartley (retired Cobalt Park 2004) on 4th August.
  • Mrs Freda Denison (spouse of Jack Denison retired Manchester 1993) on 10th August.
  • Mr John Henry Bowen (retired London 1955) on 17th August.
  • Mr Ivan Robert Owen Holgate (retired LINC 2001) on 18th August.
  • Mrs Eileen Francis Chapman (spouse of Frank Louis Chapman retired Woking 1993) on 19th August.
  • Mr Anthony Walker Tooley (retired Essex 1995) on 29th August.


  • Miss Dorothy Margaret Bentley (retired Wakefield 1994) on 2nd September.
  • Mr Sean Michael Pinnington (retired Manchester 2012) on 15th September.


  • Mrs Lesley Adams (spouse of Mr Douglas Adams retired Brooklands 2009) on 1st October.
  • Mr Eric Thomas Howe (retired Harrietsham 1994) on 12th October.
  • Mr John Solomon (retired Middlesex) on 16th October.
  • Mrs Pamela Frances Ackland (retired LINC 2004) on 18th October..
  • Mr John James Castling (Jack) retired Longbenton 1990) on 22nd October.
  • Mr Robert Alfred Evans (retired LINC 1997) on 15th October.


  • Mrs Beryl Landau (retired 1986) on 4th November.
  • Mrs Edna Blanche Grassby (widow of Albert Grassby retired 1978) on 11th November.
  • Mr Ronald Paul Daly (retired Skelmersdale 2013) on 12th November.
  • Mr Donald George Rollins (retired 1985) on 12th November.
  • Mrs Doris Margaret Pears (retired London 1984) on 13th November.
  • Mr Frank Craighead Thomson (retired Gosforth 1996) on 16th November.
  • Mr Thomas Flannaghan (retired Newcastle 1989) on 17th November.
  • Mr Charles Robert Murray (retired Staines 1994) on 22nd November.
  • Mr James Allen Little (retired Manchester 1989) on 22nd November.
  • Mr Frederick Christopher Rourke (retired Manchester 1997) on 28th November.
  • Mr Alexander Thackara (retired Newcastle 1983) on 28th November


  • Mr Arthur Dicker (retired Manchester 1999) on 11th December.
  • Mrs Alice Jean Nelson (widow) on 12th December
  •  Mrs Annie Boyle (widow of the late Mr Thomas J Boyle retired 1988) on 13th December
  • Mr John Patrick Miller (retired Manchester 1989) on 13th December.
  • Mr Clyde Patrick Nolan (retired Bournemouth 1992) on 15th December.
  • Mr Frank Gee (retired 1990) on 17th December.
  • Mr Frank Frederick Ward (retired Manchester 2000) on 18th December.
  • Mr George Frederick Kelsall (retired 1983) on 18th December.
  • Mr John Albert Lyttle (retired Bournemouth 1992) on 20th December.
  • Mr Keith Williams (retired Manchester 1997) on 23rd December.
  • Mrs Sheila Mary Adams (retired Gosforth 1997) on 26th December
  • Mr John Chadwick (retired Manchester 1998) on 29th December.

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