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In Memoriam 2017 : Listing for 2017


  • Mrs Ann Ness (spouse of Les Ness retired Longbenton 1988) on 6th January
  • Mr Jim Flux (retired London 1989) on 8th January.
  • Mrs Iris Ashfield (spouse of G W Ashfield retired Manchester 1989) on 10th January
  • Mrs Margaret Watson (widow of the late Mr Leslie Watson retired 1983) on 20th January 2017
  • Mr Victor John Clark (retired Brooklands 2000) on 25th January 2017
  • Mrs Barbara Fenn (widow of Royston Frank Fenn retired Brooklands 1995) on 26th January
  • Mrs Violet G M Tyson (widow of Norman Tyson retired London 1989) on 30th January
  • Mr Irvin William Baker (retired London 1991) on 30th January


  • Mr Kenneth Deverell (widower of Margaret Deverell retired London 1989) on 6th February
  • Mr Kenneth Geoffrey Twitchen (retired 1985) on 9th February
  • Miss Maureen Joan Butt (retired London 1990) on 13th February
  • Mr Victor Da Costa ( retired Manchester 1987) on 13th February
  • Mrs Georgina Midwinter (retired Havant 2002) on 12th February.
  • Mrs Valerie Woodruff (widow of Mr Leslie John Woodruff ) on 16th February
  • Mr Roland Leonard Bradley (retired 1984) on 17th February.
  • Mrs Edith Schofield (widow of Peter Schofield retired Gosforth 1991) on 22nd February
  • Mr George Allan Clapham (retired Manchester 1983) on 23rd February
  • Mr John Ellis (retired Wakefield 1999) on 24th February
  • Mr James Joseph McCann (retired Manchester 1989) on 25th February.
  • Mr J M Herivel (retired Bristol 1982) on 28th February


  • Mr Brian Roger Relf (retired London 2003) on 2nd March
  • Mrs Margaret Jean Brady (widow of George Brady retired 1989) on 3rd March
  • Mr George G Affleck (retired 1987) on 7th March
  • Mr Mervyn Aves (retired London 1995) on 14th March
  • Mrs Elizabeth Ann Toole (widow of Lawrence Toole retired Manchester 1987) on 15th March
  • Mrs Doris Kathleen Smith (spouse of Thomas Smith retired London 1983) on 18th March
  • Mr Alan A Joyce (retired Cobalt 2011) on 23rd March.
  • Mrs Mary Rita Dawson (widow of George Dawson retired Longbenton 1987) on 31st March.










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