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In Memoriam 2018 : Listing for 2018


  • Miss Margaret Davison (Retired Newcastle 1996) on 2nd January.
  • Mr Harold Noel Connolly (retired Manchester 1992) on 2nd January.
  • Mrs Mary Liddell Dodds (spouse of Mr Peter Hepple Dodds, retired 1980) on 5th January.
  • Mr Leo McMahon (Retired Gosforth 1994) on 5th January.
  • Mrs Margaret Tyler (spouse of Mr James Arthur Tyler, retired 1989) 10th January
  • Mrs Mary Ellen Place (spouse of Mr Thomas Place, retired Newcastle 1986) on 11th January.
  • Miss Joan Gray (Retired Gosforth 2000) on 12th January.
  • Mr Brian Bell (Retired Longbenton 1996) 14th January
  • Mrs Beryl Aileen Hamilton (spouse of Mr John Morris Hamilton, retired Gosforth 1991) on 15th January.
  • Mrs Eleanor Jean Pennock (Retired Longbenton 1983) on 19th January.
  • Mr Keith Samways (retired Manchester 1999) on 22nd January.
  • Mr John Edward Neate (retired Bournemouth 1992) on 22nd January.
  • Mr Ernest Hatton (retired Manchester 1991) on 23rd January.
  • Mr Leslie Marsh (retired Skelmersdale 1996) on 25th January.
  • Mrs Annie Simpson (spouse of Mr Alan Herbert Simpson, retired Gosforth 1985) on 26th January.
  • Mr Tom Keith Ainscow (retired Manchester 1999) on 27th January.
  • Mrs Joyce Elizabeth Fuller (spouse of Mr Frederick James Fuller, retired Seaton Delaval 2001) on 27th January.
  • Mrs Lilian Hampson (spouse of Mr Brian Antony Hampson, passed away in active service 1983) on 28th January.
  • Mr George Philemon Ironmonger (retired Manchester 1983) on 31st January.


  • Mrs Maureen Hunt (spouse of Mr Raymond Hunt retired 1989) on 2nd February.
  • Mr Anthony Edward Smith (retired Wakefield 2005) on 7th February.
  • Mr Maurice Harvey (retired Gosforth 1995) on 7th February.
  • Mrs Tereora Pethick (spouse of Mr Herbert Pethick, retired London 1981) on 11th February.
  • Mrs Rita Thomas (retired 1998) on 11th February
  • Mr John Wilson (retired Manchester 1993) on 11th February.
  • Mr Malcolm Sykes Naylor (retired 1992) on 13th February.
  • Mrs Barbara Eleanor McGovern (spouse of Mr John McGovern, retired 1985) on 20th February.
  • Mr Ernest John White (retired London 1987) on 23rd February.


  • Mr Graham Philip McGregor (retired London 2011) on 6th March.
  • Mr Patrick Cowhig (retired Manchester 1994) on 8th March.
  • Mrs Diane Wedlake (retired Havant 2003) on 10th March.
  • Mr Gordon Massie (retired Brooklands 2008) on 10th March.
  • Mr Kenneth Cole (spouse of Mrs Gladys Cole) on 10th March.
  • Mr Philip George Ross (retired Havant 2001) on 12th March.
  • Mrs Doris Landreth (retired Newgate House 1974) on 18th March.
  • Mr Kenneth Chapman (retired Reading 2014) on 17th March.
  • Mr Donald Walter Titheridge (retired Bournemouth 1993) on 31st March


  • Mr William Arthur Seymour (retired London Plant 2004) on 5th April
  • Mr Bryan Rutherford (retired Gosforth 1994) on 9th April
  • Mr Colin Michael Wood (retired Egham 1997) on 19th April
  • Mrs Patricia Agnes Milan (spouse of Mr Henry Herbert Milan, retired 1982) on 25th April
  • Ms Nuala Allsey (retired Brooklands 2008) on 27th April
  • Mr Leslie Thompson (retired closed site 1975) on 28th April


  • Mr Malcolm John Llewelyn (retired Woking Sales Office 1994) on 5th May
  • Mr Jack Harris (retired Manchester 1986) on 6th May
  • Mr Walter Joseph Bradley (retired Manchester 1989) on 18th May


  • Mr John William Allen (retired Manchester 1997) on 1st June
  • Mrs Margaret Mary Gee (retired Manchester 1986) on 11th June
  • Mrs Margaret Glasson (spouse of Mr John Henry Glasson, retired 1980) on 12th June
  • Mr Derek George Phillips (retired Seaton Delaval 2009) on 15th June
  • Mrs Sylvia Padgett (retired Wakefield 1998) on 15th June
  • Mr Thomas Long (retired London Plant 2013) on 18th June
  • Mrs Ella Varty (retired Gosforth 1996) on 21st June
  • Mr Frederick Leonard Hatswell (retired Manchester 1999) on 22nd June
  • Mr Albert Cooke (retired closed site 1983) on 22nd June
  • Mr Ronald Francis Tumelty (retired closed site 1990) on 29th June


  • Mrs Hazel Cloherty (spouse of Mr Joseph Cloherty, retired 1983) on 20th July
  • Mrs Elizabeth Jennings (spouse of Mr Arthur Jennings, retired 1990) on 21st July
  • Mrs Valerie Doreen Downing Lowes (spouse of Mr John Edward Lowes, retired 1987) on 24th July
  • Mrs Irene Brewster (spouse of Mr Arnold Thomas Brewster, retired 1999) on 25th July


  • Mr David John Gibson (retired London Plant 1996) on 4th August
  • Mr George William Peacock (spouse of Mrs Margaret Peacock, retired 1992) on 6th August
  • Mrs Gwendoline Rose Owen (retired Gosforth 1990) on 7th August
  • Mr Brian Nicholas Phillips (retired Bournemouth 1997) on 10th August
  • Mrs Luise Anna Bower (retired Wakefield 1994) on 14th August
  • Mrs Marika Evelyn Valencia (retired Egham 1991) on 27th August
  • Mrs Maude Ball (spouse of Mr Harry Ball, died in active service 1986) on 30th August


  • Miss Kathleen Bell (retired closed site 1983) on 2nd September
  • Mrs Helen Chapman (spouse of Mr Frank Chapman, retired 1988) on 3rd September
  • Mr Clive Brooke (retired Bournemouth 2017) on 6th September
  • Mr Terence Victor Ripley (retired Wakefield 2000) on 7th September
  • Mrs Margaret Tilley (spouse of Mr William Tilley, retired 1993) on 9th September
  • Mr George Edward Bell (retired Closed Site 1989) on 10th September
  • Mrs Mary McNamara (spouse of Mr Alexander McNamara, retired 1992) on 14th September
  • Mrs Marjorie Doughty (spouse of Mr Harold James Doughty, retired 1993) on 14th September
  • Mr Henry Tait (retired Gosforth 1989) on 22nd September


  • Mrs Phyllis Joyce Walton (spouse of Mr Ronald Walton, retired 1987) on 1st October
  • Mr Norman Peter Miller (retired Havant January 2002 on 1st October
  • Mr Graham Dexter (retired Egham 1996) on 1st October
  • Mr Albert Thirlwell (retired Tyne Tunnel 1990) on 2nd October
  • Miss Agnes Joan Garvey (retired Gosforth 1993) on 3rd October
  • Mr Bernard William Lambert (retired Gosforth 1981) on 3rd October
  • Mr Dennis Edward Starns (retired London Plant 1995) on 5th October
  • Miss Anne Bell Ridley (retired Gosforth 1991) on 5th October
  • Miss Gillian Hutchinson (retired Gosforth 1995) on 7th October
  • Mrs Margaret Muriel Bond (spouse of Mr Alan Harvey Bond, retired 1985) on 10th October
  • Mrs Catherine Anne Keeney (spouse of Mr Peter Keeney, retired 1985) on 11th October
  • Mr Peter James Wright (retired Manchester 2008) on 12th October
  • Mrs Margaret Newby (spouse of Mr Peter Newby, retired 1996) on 12th October
  • Mr Christopher Harrold (retired London Plant 1990) on 16th October  
  • Mr James George Stevens (retired London Plant 1994) on 17th October
  • Mr Robert Stanley Cooke (retired closed site 1983) on 19th October
  • Mr Frederick Richard Flynn (retired closed site 1989) on 20th October
  • Mrs Diana Mary Sadler (spouse of Mr Clifford Sadler, retired 1985) on 25th October
  • Mr Kenneth Pegg (retired closed site 2003) on 26th October
  • Mr Andrew John McWilliam (retired Manchester 1997) on 28th October
  • Mr Laurence Walter John Ham (retired closed site 1983 on 29th October


  • Mr Allan Burdon (retired Longbenton 2001) on 2nd November
  • Mrs Beryl Love (spouse of Mr Robert Love, retired 1984) on 14th November


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