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New Associates : 2005 Associates


  • Michael Maloney London, 7th January
  • Barry Osborne London, 7th January
  • Gordon Ryan London, 28th January
  • Linda Campbell London, 31st January
  • Liz Golding Cobalt, 31st January


  • George Scobie "20 years of service" rule
  • Patricia Armstrong Seaton Delaval, 28th February


  • Martin Mahoney London, 4th March
  • Sheila Breakspear Egham, 31st March
  • Francis Carr Seaton Delaval, 31st March


  • George Guichard London, 15th April
  • Gwyn Mills London, 22nd April
  • Richard Bryden Havant, 30th April


  • Don Hedley Seaton Delaval, 14th May
  • Stephen Holden Manchester, 27th May
  • Peter Brougham Longbenton, 31st May
  • Tony Dovey Longbenton, 31st May
  • Peter Draper Cobalt, 31st May
  • Colin Lowery Longbenton, 31st May
  • Elizabeth Porritt Seaton Delaval, 31st May
  • Keith Stokoe Longbenton, 31st May
  • David Worrall Manchester, 31st May


  • Ronald Kirkham, Manchester, 24th June
  • Peter Kelly, Manchester, 24th June
  • John Badcock, Singapore, 30th June
  • Lynn Bones, Cobalt, 30th June
  • Christopher Carter, Havant, 30th June


  • Anthony Weston, London, 22nd July
  • Michael Andrews, Manchester, 29th July
  • Terence Bollard, Manchester, 29th July
  • John Fletcher, Manchester, 29th July
  • Alan Pearson, Manchester, 29th July
  • Colin Bishop, Brooklands, 31st July
  • Charlie Cunningham, Brooklands, 31st July
  • David Hartley, Brooklands, 31st July
  • Alan Hornsby, Brooklands, 31st July
  • Moira Kerr, Brooklands, 31st July
  • Paul Osborne, Brooklands, 31st July
  • Leslie Robinson, Skelmersdale, 31st July
  • Jean Welch, Brooklands, 31st July


  • William Owen, Manchester, 5th August
  • Alan Mullen, Manchester, 12th August
  • Graham Smith, London, 12th August
  • Richard White, London, 12th August
  • Roger Fildes, Manchester, 31st August
  • Chris Holmes, Group Service, 31st August
  • Graham Payne, Manchester, 31st August
  • Tony Sheppard, Brooklands, 31st August


  • Peg Thorne, Brooklands, 30th September
  • Max Brooks, Longbenton, 30th September


  • Elsie Hall, Deferred Pensioner, 1st October
  • Anthony Smith, Wakefield, 19th October
  • Tom Davies, Manchester, 29th October
  • Ray Bennison, Brooklands, 31st October
  • John Russell, Seaton Delaval, 31st October
  • Lynn Woodward, Cobalt, 31st October


  • Alan Reader, London, 4th November
  • Alan Perry, London, 4th November


  • David Fairless, "20 year service" rule
  • Christine Hodge, London, 16th December
  • Robert Bain, Longbenton, 31st December
  • John Birch, Skelmersdale, 31st December
  • Jackie Cressey, Longbenton, 31st December
  • Narayanan Surrendran, Egham, 31st December
  • Margaret Rees, Bournemouth, 31st December

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