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New Associates : 2006 Associates


  • Barry Hall, London, 13th January
  • Therese Foot, Brooklands, 31st January


  • No new Associates in February


  • Ken Johnston, "20 years of service" rule
  • Don Harvey, London Plant 31st March
  • Jennifer Munday, Brooklands 31st March


  • Patrick Booth, London Plant, 27th April
  • Susan Lee,  Cobalt, 28th April
  • Dave Ramsey, Cobalt, 28th April
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Smith, Cobalt, 28th April
  • Nick Walker, Cobalt, 28th April
  • Lindsay Williams, Cobalt, 28th April
  • Geoffrey Dawson, Egham RPTC, 30th April
  • John Grafton, Egham RPTC, 30th April
  • John Hume, Longbenton, 30th April
  • Charles Murray, Brooklands, 30th April
  • Richard Smith, Cobalt, 30th April
  • Barry Stoddart, Longbenton, 30th April


  • Thomas Lawrence, London Plant, 6th May
  • Clive Milligan, London Plant, 13th May


  • John Grey, Longbenton, 1st June
  • Lesley Mitchinson, Brooklands, 1st June
  • Christine Walton, Cobalt, 1st June
  • Olive Mayne, Seaton Delaval, 1st June
  • Moira Gotts, Egham RPTC, 1st June
  • Alison Florence, Brooklands, 1st June
  • Robert Turnbull, London Plant, 10th June
  • Nicholas Crook,  Egham RPTC 20th June
  • David Eve, London Plant, 30th June


  • Michael Hart, Manchester Plant, 1st July
  • Brian Gillingham, London Plant, 1st July
  • Christine Simmen, Cobalt, 1st July
  • Carol Featherstone, Cobalt, 1st July
  • Michael Dixon, Cobalt, 1st July


  • Calvin Breadman, Brooklands, 1st August
  • Brenda Morley, London Plant, 1st August
  • Frederick Philpott, Brooklands, 1st August
  • Alan Death, London Plant, 26th August


  • Jeremy Wright, Bournemouth, 1st September
  • Colin Nugent, Egham RPTC, 1st September
  • Eric Hall, Cobalt, 1st September
  • Ann Gray, Seaton Delaval, 1st September
  • June Nicholson, Seaton Delaval, 1st September
  • Michael Morrison, Seaton Delaval, 1st September
  • Malcolm Fenning, Cobalt, 1st September
  • David Gibson, London Plant, 1st September
  • Edward Chuck, London Plant, 1st September
  • Dennis Patrickson, Gosforth, 1st September


  • Sandra Lilburn, Brooklands, 1st October
  • Neil MacGilp, Egham RPTC, 1st October
  • Terence Leech, Seaton Delaval, 6th October


  • Janice Welsby, Manchester Plant, 1st November
  • Kathleen Woollen, Cobalt, 1st November
  • Rodney Scouler, Seaton Delaval, November
  • Margaret Jeffries, Cobalt, 1st November


  • David Jamieson, Longbenton, 1st December
  • Gillian (Gill) MacKenzie, Cobalt, 1st December

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