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New Associates : 2010 Associates


  • Grahame Bell, Longbenton
  • Raymond Byron, London Plant
  • Kevin Chambers, Harrogate
  • Barry Cheshire, London Plant
  • Teresa Crook, LINC P&G UK
  • Christine Fenn, Cobalt Park
  • John Hynes, Skelmersdale
  • Michael James, London Plant
  • William Jarvis, London Plant
  • Christopher Albert Marvell, London Plant
  • David Nuttall, Longbenton
  • Leslie Smith, London Plant
  • Terry Royale, Reading


  • Margaret Banks, LINC P&G UK
  • Paul Stephen Brennan, Manchester Plant
  • Kathryn Glendinning, Longbenton
  • Martin Hamer, London Plant
  • John Robinson, Manchester Plant
  • Stephen Rawle, Reading
  • Paul Jenkins, Bournemouth


  • Michael Barrow, Skelmersdale
  • Gary Jackson, London Plant
  • Edward North, London Plant
  • John Reeves, London Plant
  • Antony Wride, Reading


  • Paul Collier, Manchester Plant
  • Stella Hayden, Basingstoke
  • Eric Johnson, Manchester Plant
  • Anthony Walmsley, Skelmersdale


  • Susan Barton, Cobalt Park
  • John Crompton, LINC P&G UK
  • Peter Jenkins, London Plant
  • Malcolm Kirby, London Plant
  • Mary Tarbit, Longbenton
  • Enid Taylor, Manchester Plant
  • Sela Wood, Cobalt Park


  • Robert Backus, Manchester Plant
  • George Burgess, Longbenton
  • John Houghton, Skelmersdale
  • Michael Arthur Yates, UK Closed Site


  • Robert Atiemo, Reading
  • Clifford Benton, London Plant
  • Maurice Birchall, Skelmersdale
  • Geoffrey Buckeridge, Brooklands
  • Brian Collins, Brooklands
  • Alan Edwards, Skelmersdale
  • Marcia Harrison, Brooklands
  • Sylvia Kerwin, Reading
  • Paul Kowald, Reading
  • Alexander Lochhead, Brooklands
  • Graham Mills, Brooklands
  • Paul Noraika, Brooklands
  • Yvonne Rose, Cobalt Park
  • Rosalyn Steven, Cobalt Park
  • Robert Suswain, Brooklands
  • Brian Tubby, Brooklands
  • Richard Thompson, London Plant
  • John Goyette, London Plant
  • Susan Light, Bournemouth
  • Norma Spokes, Bournemouth
  • Ann White, Seaton Delaval
  • Allan Young, LINC P&G
  • Christine Bell, Longbenton
  • Tina Craig, Bournemouth
  • Janis Grigg, London Plant
  • David Harmond, London Plant
  • Leslie Kinsey, Manchester Plant
  • Keith Osborn, London Plant
  • Brian Ricklesford, Bournemouth
  • Kenneth Young, LINC P&G
  • Eleanor Davidson, Seaton Delaval
  • Richard John Dumbrell, Longbenton
  • Heather Emmonds, Seaton Delaval
  • Roger Lawrence, Bournemouth
  • Brenda Gould Learmount, Seaton Delaval
  • Christopher Maughan, Seaton Delaval
  • Lesley Moore, Brooklands
  • Jane Shott, LINC P&G
  • Charles Waters, Seaton Delaval
  • Robert Wrightson, Seaton Delaval
  • Maureen Frith, LINC P&G
  • Stephen O'Neill, London Plant
  • Phillip Slater, Brooklands
  • David Ternent, Reading


  • Stephen Debattista, London Plant
  • Bernadette Hails, Cobalt Park
  • Helen Parry, Bournemouth
  • Tan Yeoh, Brooklands

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