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New Associates : 2011 Associates


  • Margaret Adams, Cobalt Park
  • Alastair Anderson, Isleworth
  • Ashley Barnett, London Plant
  • Robert Goldie, Cobalt Park
  • Gloria Ingram, Brooklands
  • Maureen Jobson, Cobalt Park
  • Cheryl Perkins, Cobalt Park


  • Christopher Sanderson, Cobalt Park
  • Matthew Sirmond, Longbenton
  • Heather Tricker, Reading


  • Anne Batch, Closed Site
  • Graham Davies, Manchester Plant
  • Elizabeth Walsh, Closed Site
  • Ruth Gray, LINC
  • Graham Simms, Reading
  • Gary Pells, Closed Site
  • Mark Morris, Brooklands


  • Alan Southern, Skelmersdale


  • Susan Hancock, Brooklands
  • Richard Duffin, London Plant
  • Robert Rivers, London Plant


  • Robert Whyte, Bournemouth
  • Sandy Fullicks, Brooklands
  • Frank Jones, Basingstoke


  • Steven Scott, Seaton Delaval
  • Judith Russell, Cobalt Park
  • Trevor Burns, Seaton Delaval
  • Mavis Brown, Basingstoke
  • Michael Elsey, Basingstoke
  • Anthony Cash, Basingstoke
  • Victor Harris, Basingstoke


  • Christine Jobling, Cobalt Park
  • Linda Copping, Cobalt Park
  • Alan Joyce, Cobalt Park


  • Gabriela Marmolejo, Longbenton
  • Mary Lawrence, Brooklands
  • Pauline Laughton, Cobalt Park
  • Derek James, Basingstoke
  • David Rouse, London Plant
  • Colin Hughes, London Plant
  • Ian Catmore, London Plant
  • Russell Mayo, London Plant
  • Christos Papalabropoulos, London Plant
  • Denis Harkness, London Plant
  • John Argent, London Plant
  • Charmaine Roberts, Basingstoke
  • Sonia Flores, Basingstoke
  • Gary Gardner, London Plant
  • Iain Anderson, London Plant
  • Michael Clayton, London Plant
  • Robert llewellyn, London Plant


  • Stephen Dimmick, London Plant
  • Rod Slater, London Plant
  • Linda Ford Manwaring, London Plant
  • Tony Hills, London Plant
  • Sally Woodage, Brooklands
  • Diane Allen, LINC
  • Kevin Buckley, Manchester Plant
  • Alastair Macfie, Cobalt Park


  • Victoria Watson, Brooklands
  • Barry Cheadle, London Plant


  • Peter Mordue, LINC
  • Paul Nee, Harrogate
  • Anne-Marie Norman, Brooklands
  • Vincent Alcock, Manchester Plant

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