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New Associates : 2014 Associates


  • Judith Athey, Seaton Delaval
  • John Davison, Seaton Delaval
  • Colin Moore, London Plant
  • Gordon Ward, Seaton Delaval
  • Vivian Yarrow, Cobalt Park
  • Evriviades Panayotopoul, Cobalt Park
  • Gary Lowe, Manchester Plant


  • Susan Taylor, Wakefield
  • Duncan McKenzie, Brooklands
  • Raymond Russell, London Plant


  • David Kirkham, Manchester Plant
  • Christopher Rose, Manchester Plant
  • Janette Butler, Brooklands
  • Kenneth Brady, Skelmersdale
  • Philip Davey, Egham
  • Judith Charlesworth, Brooklands


  • David Marshall, Brooklands
  • Colin McCarthy, Manchester Plant
  • Raina Bhati, Reading
  • Frederick Wharton, Brooklands
  • Karen Leech, Bournemouth
  • Peter Jack, Cobalt Park


  • Ira Gill, London Plant
  • Michael Dulson, Manchester Plant
  • James Lee, Manchester Plant
  • Robert Elton, Reading
  • Jean Air, Cobalt Park
  • Robert Elton, Reading
  • James Lee, Manchester Plant
  • Michael Dulson, Manchester Plant
  • Kenneth Yarrow


  • Leslie Tilley, Reading
  • Valerie Price, Cobalt
  • Peter Huxley, Reading
  • Terry Lifford, Reading
  • Khushroo Marolia, Egham
  • Colin Peacock, UK
  • Christoper Silverthorne, Bournemouth
  • Anthony Smith, Harrogate
  • Geoffrey Thomas
  • Leslie Tilley, Reading
  • Valerie Corkhill, Longbenton
  • Clifford Board, Bournemouth
  • Mary McGovern, Brooklands
  • Michael Coleman, London Plant


  • Kenneth Chapman, Reading
  • Stephen Iles, Reading
  • Catherine Reading, Egham


  • Yvonne Hares, Brooklands
  • Nigel Kelly, Manchester
  • James Taylor, Manchester
  • Robert Thompson, Bournemouth


  • Dorothy Clark, Newcastle
  • Jasvinder Dhillon, London Plant
  • Joy Dinsdale, Cobalt Park
  • William Fairs, London Plant
  • Lesley Gibson, Cobalt Park
  • Michael Goodrick, London Plant
  • Andrew Smith, London Plant
  • Loraine Coleman, London Plant
  • Kevin Mahoney, London Plant
  • Lesley Morris, London Plant
  • David Richardson, London Plant
  • Mark Ruckley, Bournemouth
  • Phillip Sargeant, Egham


  • Elizabeth Symons, Newcastle
  • Susan Catton, Brooklands
  • John Chapman, Harrogate
  • Linda Colville, Bournemouth


  • Barry Andrews, Havant
  • Jacqueline Brown, Reading
  • John Christian, Manchester
  • Paul France, Manchester
  • David Knowles, Manchester
  • Janice McFarlane, Seaton Delaval
  • Donna Ryder, London
  • Sebastiao Souto, Reading
  • Terry Stephenson, Seaton Delaval


  • Susan Craft, Bournemouth
  • Michael Duncan, Longbenton
  • Christine Hancock, Brooklands
  • Derek Kay, Manchester
  • Martin Keane, Manchester
  • John Lewis, Newcastle
  • Carlos Matos, Reading
  • Candida Paige, Cobalt Park
  • Stephen Read, London

Summer 2018

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