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New Associates : 2017 Associates


  • Clive Brooke, Bournemouth
  • Sukhwinder Kaur Johal, Reading
  • David Smith, Manchester
  • Mark Hughes, Reading
  • Robert Proctor, Manchester


  • Shanti Dhir, Reading
  • Neville Lacey, Isleworth
  • Mark Searle, Reading
  • Peter Andrew Dobinson, Reading
  • Satvir Singh Garcha, Reading
  • Colin Guerin, Manchester
  • Bryan Hayter, Reading
  • Anita Jane, Manchester
  • P McDermott, Reading
  • Debra Osborne, Reading
  • Chris Armstrong, Egham


  • Frank Jones, Skelmersdale
  • Peter Walsh, Skelmersdale
  • Charles Spurr, Location Free
  • Marina Barker, Brooklands
  • Anthony Taylor, Manchester


  • Jan Paul Cundy, Reading
  • Susan Baggaley, Longbenton
  • Valrie Demetrius, Egham


  • Michael Godman, London Plant
  • Ian Ewing, London Plant
  • Michael Collins, London Plant
  • Jacqueline Johns, London Plant
  • Lesley Atkinson, Cobalt
  • David Stott, Manchester


  • Gary Richardson, Reading
  • Graham Smith, Manchester
  • Paul Mercer, London Plant
  • Anthony Durham, Brooklands
  • John Hull, Egham
  • Eric Head, Cobalt
  • Michael Raine, Reading
  • Josie Mardlin, Egham
  • John Pegg, Cobalt
  • Derek Chisnall, Manchester
  • Christopher Treacy, Cobalt


  • Gary Higginson, Manchester
  • Alan Farquhar, London Plant
  • Derek Tessmer, Reading
  • James Perry, Longbenton
  • Gerald Colligan, Manchester


  • Paul Baker, Egham
  • Glenn Ward, Newcastle
  • Colin Ure, NIC
  • Verla Tracey Edmondson, Reading
  • Raymond Drew, London Plant
  • Judith Nesbit, Cobalt
  • Chrisopher Bailey, Manchester
  • Janet Owen, Cobalt


  • Dorothy Jane Kelly, Longbenton
  • Stephen Walker, Longbenton
  • David Turner, Longbenton
  • Ritchie Miller, Longbenton


  • Martin Dudley, London Plant
  • Emma Quinn, Manchester Plant
  • Angela Ballantyne, Egham
  • Gary Brown, London Plant
  • Michael Kelleher, London Plant


  • Joseph Malone, Manchester Plant
  • Hugh Cockwill, Brooklands
  • Derek Cordery, London Plant


  • Philip Blanchard, Manchester Plant
  • John Houston, Manchester Plant
  • Stephen Barnes, Manchester Plant
  • Brian Ledwith, Manchester Plant
  • Keith Collinge, Manchester Plant
  • Alexander Fraser, Manchester Plant
  • Paul Law, Cobalt
  • Keith Southam, Manchester Plant
  • Peter Howe, Manchester
  • Brinley Morris, Manchester
  • Karen Mills, Reading
  • Graham Vater, Reading
  • Jonathan Eldon, Reading
  • Geoffrey Palmer, Cobalt

Summer 2018

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