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North East Associates
head south to Skipton
- 13th September -

A colourful Yorkshire market town.... 

New film being made at St Clements church
London Plant
- 26th August -


North West Associates
Annual Bowling Competition
- 25th August -

Good weather, turnout, and play.... 

North East Associates
enjoy 'A Day in the Lakes'
- 17th August -

By coach, train, and boat.... 

London Plant Associates
Trip To Portsmouth
- 19th July -

All aboard.... 

North West Associates
spend a day at Trentham Gardens
- 9th August -

With links to a few famous gardeners.... 

A summer walk in Berkshire for
South East Associates
- 6th July -

We ascend Winter Hill.... 

North East Associates
Stagshaw Walk
- 25th July -

AD122 - and all that.... 

A day excursion to Richmond for
North East Associates
- 12th July -

In a nice new motor, too.... 

South East Associates and Employees
Freetime Golf Championship
- 11th May -

At Sand Martins Golf Club.... 

North West Associates
holiday in Northern Ireland
- 23rd to 27th April -

Based in Belfast, we travelled afar.... 

A visit to the Stonor estate for
South East Associates
- 6th June -

We are told a gruesome tale.... 

South East Associates
visit two Cotswold Gardens
- 22nd & 23rd June -

Examples of eccentricity.... 

A wet Golf Day for
North West Associates
- 28th June -

And first to win the new trophy was.... 

South East Associates
holiday in Bavaria
- 13th to 18th May -

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen.... 

The spring pub lunches of
North East Associates
- April thru June -

'Mill' here, 'Mill' there.... 

London Plant Associates
visit Midsomer Murder Country
and Goring Gap
- 14th June -

Watch your back it's Midsomer.... 

North West Associates
visit Skipton
- 14th June -

In conservatory and castle.... 

A visit to Bowhill House for
North East Associates
- 13th June -

And a beautiful journey too.... 

South East Associates
London Kensington Walk
- 4th May -

Palaces, Parks and Peter Pan.... 

London Plant Associates
trip to Broadstairs and
RAF Manston Spitfire Museum
- 24th May -

Chocks away....  


London Plant Associates
trip to Le Touquet
- 26th April -

Write up & photos.... 

A day in North Yorkshire for
North East Associates
- 18th May -

In city and country....  

A walk in Brookwood cemetery for
South East Associates
- 22nd March -

It began as the London Necropolis... 

South East Associates
Wherwell & Test Way Walk
- 6th April -

Across Chilbolton Cow Common.... 

South East Associates at
The British Library
- 20th April -

What a lot they have.... 

South East Associates
Spring Lunch
- 16th March -

We return to a classic inn.... 

London Plant Associates
Golf Day at Great Burstead
- 19th April -

Well done everyone.... 


North East Associates
Rowlands Gill Walk
- 25th April -

Weather threats didn't deter us.... 

London Plant Associates
Open Days this year at St Clements
See the church Twitter & Facebook links

Check it out.... 


North East Associates visit
Edinburgh & Leith
- 5th April -

Passports not needed yet.... 

North East Associates
Beamish Walk
- 23rd March -

Into north-east history we go.... 

A Bournemouth Spring Holiday for
North East Associates
- 27th to 31st March -

And an audience wit the editor.... 

The Spring Meeting of
North East Associates
- Tuesday 14th March -

Ladies - nice and not-so-nice.... 

North East Associates
Morpeth Walk
- 22nd February -

Following the River Wansbeck.... 

North East Associates
Pub Lunches
- November to March -

So varied.... 

South East Associates
River Kennett Walk
- 22nd February -

Once a major commercial route.... 

The Annual Luch of
South East Associates
- 11th January -

A 'new' - but 14th century venue.... 

South East Associates
enjoy a cookery experience
 - 7th February -

We make a 'Mezze' - great too.... 

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