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Posted:  Saturday 17 November 2018

Bournemouth Region Associates
visit Kensington Palace

- Wednesday 19th September –

On Wednesday 19th September, a group of Bournemouth Associates set off on a coach trip to visit Kensington Palace.

The weather was not very promising on the journey there, but as soon as we got to the outskirts of London the sky cleared and the sun came out albeit a very windy day.

Kensington Palace only allow one coach visit a day, our coach driver Terry, very expertly manipulated the very large coach though the narrow wrought-iron gates to the palace grounds, allowing us to disembark a few yards from the entrance.

The palace began life
as a private country house
Nottingham House
in around 1605,
before being purchased
by King William III
and Queen Mary II
in the summer of 1689
at a cost of £20,000.

The musical clock

The exhibitions on show were the state apartments of George II 1700s, the state apartments of Queen Mary II - wife of William III 1690s - Queen Victoria 1800s and Diana, Princess of Wales.

The most interesting were Victoria, showing the very rooms she grew up in, with a focus on her time in mourning and retreat from public life after the death of her beloved Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria statue

It also celebrated the length of her reign - Britain’s second-longest -
telling the story of her great passion for writing and correspondence,
with letters and diary entries on show
to provide a view of a fascinating monarch dubbed
“The Grandmother of Europe”.

Queen Victoria's
wedding dress

Queen Victoria's tiara,
designed by Prince Albert

Prince Albert's
wedding uniform

The exhibition of Diana, her ‘Fashion Story’ which was the main feature for us, showing her exquisite and celebrated outfits worn though out her public life.

On display
her story from
the demure,
romantic outfits
of her first
public appearances,
to the glamour,
and confidence
of her later life
through a display
of some of her
most famous outfits.

Kensington Palace
Princess Diana's
for over
fifteen years.

After viewing the exhibition and having refreshment in the excellent café, we walked around the gardens with the beautiful lake, and around the sunken garden.

The walkway around the sunken garden

The lake, from the sunken garden

The latter was renamed in 2017 as ‘The White Garden’ when it was planted with 12,000 white bulbs in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death.

Maggie Ebner

(me  31/10/2018)

(ph  17/11/2018)

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