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Posted:  Wednesday 11 October 2017

North West Associates
head for Blackpool

- Wednesday 4th October -

On a very windy and gloomy day a group of North West Associates set off on their journey to Blackpool and ‘The Lights’.

First stop was Cleveleys which is on the way and it was agreed to spend some free time to browse around the shops and have a light lunch in one of the many cafes or snack bars along the way.
Alas it was not the right weather for a stroll along ‘the prom’.

A few people decided either to take the tram into Blackpool itself to see the many attractions on offer, for example The Tower which is well known for the circus at certain times of the year and of course the famous Tower Ballroom, below, where you can dance to your hearts content or just watch the other dancers and listen to the music, or as others did take a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Works where you can find many famous wax-work models of many famous people and are visited by people from all over the world.

There again a few members took the tram in the other direction and went to Freeport which is famous for its ‘retail therapy’ shops and outlets.

We rejoined the bus and went to the hotel which was on the South Shore where a nice meal was waiting to the delight of most of us and the staff were very good.

As it was 7:15, that's in the evening, and going dark it was time for us to drive along the promenade to see ‘The Lights’ in all their splendour.

The weather was bad, very windy and raining and hard to take any snaps however it didn’t dampen our spirits.

Alas one of our ladies was taken ill, however after a visit to the local hospital she was eventually allowed home and was escorted by a member of the Committee who made sure she was in safe hands at home.

As everyone agreed even though the weather had been inclement it did not spoil the spirits of everyone and we had a great day and once again in the company of our Procter & Gamble friends on one of our ‘Great Trips’.

We look forward to next year.

Cyril Heap

pictures:  Dilys Bray

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