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Posted:  Thursday 11 January 2018

North West Associates
Christmas Lunch

- Wednesday 6th December –

Wednesday 6th December 2017, time for the North West Region Associates to meet at the Cresta Court Hotel, Altrincham, for their annual Christmas Lunch, to meet not just with friends and former colleagues, but also to meet new, and some familiar faces - Associates attending for their first Christmas Lunch.

Tea and coffee were available on arrival, with of course, the optional extra of
visiting the bar!!

We were invited to take our places at the tables, prior to commencing lunch, we raised our glasses to toast absent friends and colleagues, 114 Associates enjoyed a traditional Christmas Lunch, with a vegetarian option being available.

There was also an alternative choice of pudding, instead of Christmas Pudding.  The meal was completed by cups of tea or coffee, plus warm mince pies.

After lunch,
Dilys Bray,
North West Regional Committee Chairperson,
introduced Gary Wightman,
- right -
Manchester Plant Manager
to speak.

He gave us
a lovely introduction about himself,
his life and career at P&G,
a comprehensive insight of the
progress and business activities
at the “Plant”,
plus proposals for future business.

Dilys then gave an informative and comprehensive account regarding the activities enjoyed throughout the year by North West Associates, which was accompanied by a continuous slide-show of pictures taken at the golf and bowling competitions, on the holiday, and on the various days out.

Then it was time for the presentations, the eldest lady, Mrs. Evelyn Paton and the eldest gentleman, Mr. Albert Cooke were each presented with a gift by Bert Kelly, Chair of the Social Committee.  Above both are pictured with Bert.

However, this year there were some additional presentations to be made.

Three longstanding committee members were relinquishing their special committee roles.

  • Brian Kay stepping down as Committee Treasurer,
  • Ann Rodgers as Committee Secretary, and
  • John Greatbanks, who has for a number of years organised some lovely and memorable holidays enjoyed by the North West Associates.

Brian was presented with a gift voucher for the East Lancs Railway, - some help was given by his wife, Martha, as to the type of voucher which would be appreciated.

Ann was given a large bouquet of flowers.

Unfortunately, John wasn’t at the lunch, he was at home recovering from recent spell in hospital, fortunately he is well on the road to recovering, and we all wished him well, looking forward to seeing him soon, and presenting him with his gift.

Hopefully all three will continue to have connections with the North West Associates, as valued, experienced committee members.
Dilys then introduced John Horrocks who is taking over as Committee Treasurer, and also, with the help of Dave Bell organising the annual Spring Holiday.

Once the presentations
and speeches were over,
time for the long-awaited raffle draw.

Each place setting had a raffle ticket,
and as numbers were drawn out
there was some banter
amongst the tables
to who was going to choose
their raffle prize
from the table alongside.


Finally, it was time once again to wish “Season’s Greetings”, plus safe journey home to all Associates before heading home, or perhaps a quick visit to the bar for a final drink or two!!

Once again North West Region Associates enjoyed a lovely meal, in excellent surroundings with excellent service from the hotel staff.

Enid Taylor

(ch  10/01/2018)

(ph  11/01/2018)

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