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Posted:  Friday 07 April 2017

North East Associates
Edinburgh Excursion

- Wednesday 5th April -

We're on the road again for our first expedition of the year, and it was 'make your mind up' time for our coach passengers.

We were heading north, with the choice of visiting Edinburgh or continuing a further few miles to Edinburgh's port - Leith.

First priority was a breakfast stop near Berwick-on-Tweed.

Most who went to the Port of Leith were intent on visiting the Royal Yacht 'Britannia' which as Scotland's major tourist attraction welcomes over 300,000 visitors each year.  Maybe some pictures will appear.

Flashback! - 40 years

The Queen visited Newcastle in her Silver Jubilee year, 1977,
amd HMY Britannia moored behind Newcastle Factory,
to the left in the picture below.

Today this view is dominated by the Gateshead Milennium Bridge.

In Edinburgh we went our separate ways, to meet again only when it was time to leave.  The weather was kind to us, so we moved around as freely as we could among the crowds.

Last time here  a tram system was under construction causing major disruption and inconvenience as Princes Street, and more, were closed to traffic - and even crossing the road was difficult.  All done now, with traffic and pedestrians moving freely.

Princes Street looks quiet - but not for long!

What to do - visit the castle - ride the tram - coffee in Wetherspoons, and more - take time over a lingering lunch - plenty for all.

A piece of interesting Princes St. architecture is the Jenners Department Store.
The design of this listed building includes carvings intended
'to show symbolically that women are the support of the house'
- as in the detail below

A hidden gem inside is the galleried Grand Hall, in all of its Victorian splendour.

All were safely gathered in and we sped home on the A1 at an average speed of 40mph for the 120 miles.  Back home it was into football traffic - both wheeled and walking.  Riding the Metro was an experience hopefully not to be repeated!

A great day out, and we'll meet again next month for a trip to Ripon at only half of today's distance.


pictures:  jec, ph

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