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Posted:  Monday 03 April 2017

North East Associates
Beamish Walk

- Thursday 23rd March -

The walk started at the Eden Place Picnic Area Car Park, just outside the entrance to Beamish Museum, and twenty-seven keen Associates set off for a 6¾ mile circular walk on a fine dry, but cloudy, day.

The walk started westwards along part of the old Consett to Sunderland railway line - now a very scenic walking path, then turned north along the 'Great North Forest Heritage Trail' skirting to the west of Beamish park and golf course, eventually reaching the East Tanfield Station.

From here we walked northwards up the Causey Gill - a lovely wooded, deep sided valley, following the Tanfield Railway line, reaching Causey Arch.
This is the oldest railway bridge in the world, built to take horse drawn-coal waggons along the track that eventually came out at Newcastle Coal Staithes for 'export' to the south of England.

We paused here to read about the history, have a rest and take some photos, before returning southwards down Coppy Lane - a good footpath - eventually reaching the grounds of Beamish Hall - a magnificent stately pile which was previously home to the Eden Family and the Shaftos.  Sir Anthony Eden the former foreign secretary and PM spent part of his childhood there.

Eventually the walkers reached their starting point - but not before a couple of steep hills, as we passed Beamish Museum Farm.  No one complained - I think!

All in all about 2¾ hours.

Lunch was in the 'Shepherd and Shepherdess' country pub, which showed us excellent hospitality and served huge portions of good fare.  A good way to end the day!  

John Farrington

(ph  03/04/2017)

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