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Posted:  Tuesday 14 November 2017

North East Associates
five-day trip to Blackpool

- 6th to 10th November -

Starting near Newcastle Central Station, our National Holidays coach
loaded fourteen for the holiday trip to Blackpool,
with excursions to Liverpool and Bowness-on-Windermere.

The temperature at eight in the morning was two degrees.

After stops at Gateshead and Sunderland the coach wended its way to Tebay on the M6 for a brief stop, then arriving at the Liberty’s Hotel, Blackpool at 1.30 pm.

With the rooms not being ready until 3.00 pm, several decided to explore Blackpool and locate the nearest Wetherspoons.  The temperature now was a balmy 15 degrees and so the walk was delightful.  However, the surrounding area could do with a bit of a spring-clean.

Since the hotel was only fifty metres from 'The Promenade' the outlook gave a superb view of the Irish Sea, although this looked rather angry most of the time.

Venturing out
in the evening
the temperature
had dropped
and as
‘The Illuminations’
had finished
the day before
'The Tower'
was the only thing that was ‘lit-up’
- that’s early
in the evening

  Through time
things could

This ‘Bay Hotel’ was excellent.  The staff were very friendly and helpful - nothing was too much trouble.  The rooms were very clean and the beds really comfortable.
The food was excellent with plenty of choice for the breakfast and dinner.
The waiter, Tom, allocated to our tables was a Charles Bragg doppelganger.
He served us brilliantly.

The trip also included four free drinks per evening which were more than enough for everyone.  The artistes who provided the entertainment each day were excellent.  They focussed on the older clientele and, in particular, allowed our group to join in their songs and jokes - they had no choice really.

Tuesday was the day for the trip to Liverpool.

Sail in Canning Dock

The Royal Liver building

Several chose the open-topped bus tour which was excellent, as well as a trip to the Cavern.  For others just walking around the city then life was a little difficult as street name signs were very few, in fact very very few.  Fortunately if you headed downhill you would eventually reach the waterside area.

The inclusion of bingo before the evening entertainment at the hotel was lucky for two of our group.  Three prizes were won by the two of them, resulting in the Tuesday total pot of £222 going their way.  None were lucky on the other nights.

This board netted £102.00!

   Some of the holidaymakers

The P&G retirees   

Wednesday saw most of us in Bowness-on-Windermere where shopping and a tapas lunch were the main attractions.

For those who stayed behind a Winter Gardens organ concert on the Opera House 'WurliTzer' Organ given by Robert Wolfe proved enjoyable, and it provided a warm indoor venue.
Robert's fingers and feet were flying, and the listeners were perspiring too!

Thursday was the free day
to explore Blackpool
and the surrounding area.

One group went to the cinema
and others used the tram
to travel to Fleetwood and its market.

Pictured right is the 'inland'
Pharos Lighthouse in Fleetwood


 As mentioned Blackpool didn’t sparkle - that’s along ‘The Prom’ - but away from here the town centre was clean and quite attractive.

We had been lucky with the weather with clear blue skies, sun but a cold wind every day with the rain passing through each night.

Friday gave the morning to explore further or complete the final quiz!
A cryptic quiz using subjects of Birds, Pop Groups, Professions, TV Programmes and Reptiles was set each day by Colin Harris, the organiser.

The coach arrived at our hotel at 1pm and after several pickups drove directly to Sunderland arriving at 5.30pm.  A half hour later we were being dropped off in Newcastle and after saying their goodbyes, all arrived home safely.

'The Illuminations'
may have been switched off,
but approaching
a weekend of remembrance
one display remained,
saying simply

"Blackpool Remembers"

We had enjoyed an excellent trip, with many preconceptions of what a trip to Blackpool would entail being shattered!

Colin P Harris

pictures:  ph

(cph  11/11/2017)

(ph  11/11/2017)

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