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Posted:  Friday 25 August 2017

North East Associates
in the Lake District

- Thursday 17th August -

A day with moments of nostalgia was ahead.

First it was the 08:30 departure from Newcastle - today is a long, long time since many of us were out at that time of day and ready to start.

Today this wasn’t for ‘work’ though, our two coaches had a near three-hour journey to Haverthwaite, in south Lakeland, where we were to journey on the heritage Lakeside and Haverthwate Railway.

Long time no steam - so which of their seven steam locomotives will be in charge today?

Not a ‘do-it-ourselves’ excursion this as we did things differently, and booked a standard package with our coach company - and they did all of the work!  Super, all we had to do was sit back and relax.

A little bit of time at Haverthwaite to enjoy the sunshine, then it was onto the train to be whistled on our way by both guard and loco.

Some of the nostalgia is that Associates have made this trip before, myself with parties from both North West and North East regions.

Off we hurtled in our reserved coach at a shattering 15mph to the Lakeside ‘terminus’, but just twenty minutes travelling time was needed for this section.
The work-horse was a Brigton-built loco from 1950, and our carriages were a rake of BR Mk1 "Blood & Custard' stock - officially Crimson and Cream.  All gave a surprisingly smooth ride.

Next we were to go for a ‘float-in-a-boat’ with Windermere Lake Cruises - will it be ‘Tern’, ‘Teal’ or ‘Swan’ today?  We’ll just have to wait and see, and whichever it is, then even the youngest is pretty old.

Jim Coombes took lots of pictures today.

To view them click the thumbnail image to the right.

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There's a clue here!


So, some more heritage - our boat was Swan.  Originally built in 1938 by Vickers of Barrow and classed as a ‘steamer’, this diesel-powered craft would take a leisurely thirty minutes or so for the eight miles to Bowness - that’s still faster than the train.

Tern, of 1891 vintage, and Teal, 1936, were also in operation on this busy day, the older being built in Essex as a steam-powered yacht of steel construction.

The graceful lines of  'Tern' as she sails by

Our visit must have been considered to be of importance as the RAF honoured us with not one fly-past, but three.

At Bowness pier we were released to fend for ourselves until our departure time of four o’clock.

Lots to do - we needed to eat for a start - and with lots of other pleasureable and interesting things to do the time passed quickly.

A popular lunch spot was the 'Hole in t' Wall'

Did the choice of a summer day meet our expectations?  Yes it did!  Dry, warm and sunny with a light southerly wind was a change from recent north-east weather.

With all being safely gathered in we left Bowness for the hundred-mile trip back to ‘the toon’, averaging an exciting 40mph for this section.


pictures:  jec, ph

Internet access courtesy of
Pension Lüftenegger, Mauterndorf, Austria,
with the imposing Burg Mauterndorf towering above.

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