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Posted:  Tuesday 11 July 2017

North East Associates
Spring Pub Lunches

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April 2017

The Plough at Eachwick, which we had not visited since 2005, is now a very well refurbished pub – almost unrecognisable since then.  This Easter break saw a reduction in attendees to 16, but it was nice to meet Roz Moore - Ken Moore’s wife at the lunch.  She retires shortly and so hopes to attend again.

The main courses were all just over £10 but the Wainwright’s beer was excellent at £3.50 a pint.  Every plate went back cleared and the food was beautiful - Roast Pork Special, Liver & Bacon, Cod Bites and Salmon were all beautiful in taste and presentation.  A great setting for a special lunch occasion.

May 2017

20 Associates and partners came to the Millstone in South Gosforth for the monthly catch-up.  The beers were good - Draught Bass and Doom Bar.

The choice of two meals for £9 went down well with Corned Beef Pie the most popular.  Gammon & Egg was also well supported with Bob Pearson also choosing a side portion of onion rings that was bigger than his meal.  The all-day breakfast was excellent.  Some other optionswere deemed just ok.

 It was good to meet up with Gerry Perry and wife Sue again.

June 2017

The Millhouse at Blackfell, near Birtley, saw 27 Associates, friends and family attend.

Being allocated the lounge area, we started ordering our food and drink.  The drink was quite expensive at £4 a pint for Deuchar’s Caledonian IPA.  The food deal was excellent at £9.95 for 2 courses.
The starter of soup was excellent as was the pitta bread and hummus.
Main courses were Chicken Hoisin & Noodles, Mushroom Stroganoff and Kedgeree.
All were excellent.  One or two opted for the ‘A la Carte’ menu and the selection of Steamed Mussels was very nice.

Of the attendees, it was good to see Doris Balmbra and Chris & Pat Shearer after a few months absence.

Colin P Harris

pictures:  ph

(cph  22/06/2017)

(ph  11/07/2017)

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