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Posted:  Tuesday  23 May 2017

A visit to Ripon and the nearby
Himalayan Garden & Sculpture Park for
North East Associates

- Thursday 18th May -

The sun brought lots of us out today, filling two coaches for an after-breakfast departure to Ripon, in North Yorkshire.

The sun was shining there too, and it was warm in the north-east for a change.

The imposing façade of Ripon Cathedral

This small city boasts an impressive cathedral, and has a right to be proud of this!

    Greetings -

- and arrivals - or maybe departure    


If we all had uniforms it would certainly help the picture-takers!   

First stop - coffee or a stroll around the market - time for both, and some lunch too.

   Where do you find north-east Associates?

Where else but in Wetherspoons's!   


   A local deli-shop where inflation has hit hard -


 - a pound pie for just £4.95 

Memories of 'Tour de Yorkshire - knitted!   

With all fed and watered our coaches whisked us off to somewhere new - never having visited the Himalayan Garden & Sculpture Park before.

In reality the journey was rather slow, on roads which narrowed progressively to be just wide enough for our coaches - and with the finish of the nine-mile journey taking us on a track across a field and through a farmyard.

We made it - to ‘Grewelthorpe’.

The plan of this thirty-acre garden

The garden is the result of twenty years work by the owners, being set in a ‘bowl’ at the head of a valley - at lake level about 100ft below the entrance point.

Over these years many paths have been created on the valley sides and around the four lakes we see today, along with the planting of shrubs with mainly Himalayan origins.

Azaleas and rhododendrons in abundance were in glorious flower, along with familiar plants, shrubs and trees.  For keen gardeners most were named.

Magnolia trees in bloom added to the eye-level delights, and ground-cover included late-flowering narcissi, bluebells in abundance, and many more colourful displays.


We moved with caution on the sometime steep gradients and steps and most Associates were able to enjoy the whole.

Excellent ‘facilities’ are provided, developing as the popularity of the attraction continues to grow.

If you plan to visit note that the garden is only open for eight weeks in spring and four weeks in the autumn so you need to be sure before setting out to this remote place!
A visit in a few years time will show major expansion of planting and growth.

You don't just have to look, you can buy - a plant nursery is a site feature too.

Jim has created a photo album for the day
which can be seen by clicking the link to the right.
The smaller pictures here may be viewed 'full-screen'

A ‘homesick’ few were in touch with Newcastle folks, who told of heavy rain.

Here in Yorkshire the sun shone all day, as it had done also to the south of the River Tyne.

Departure meant negotiating the farmyard and field again, where some cows waiting for milking time successfully barred our route.  Patience prevailed, and we did follow the ‘Country Code’ by closing the two gates behind us.

Then a clear run home.


pictures:  jec, r-mh, ph

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