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Posted:  Wednesday 04 July 2018

North East Associates
Spring Pub Lunches

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After a week’s snow in the North East, eighteen Associates ventured to the Lion and Lamb at Horsley.
The pub had not had any customers for a week and were very glad to see us.

Although service was slow, it gave us a good opportunity to catch up since our last get-together.

The food, when it arrived,  was excellent with Beef Casserole, Gammon, Chicken and Fish & Chips being good choices.  The Tapas also proved excellent value for money.

Greene King IPA and Blacksheep Bitter both went down well.


With the lunch at The Wellington at Riding Mill being organised for a school holiday week, the turn-out was expected to be low.  However, twenty-nine made it and enjoyed the food and drink on sale at this Chef & Brewer Pub.

The beers were Greene King IPA and Mordue ‘Rivet Catcher’.
Both went down well.

All meals were lovely including the Sea Bass, Caesar Salad, Fish & Chips and Gammon which were all well supported.

One to keep on the list.


‘Twas a lovely bright day
when twenty-two of us
met up in County Durham
"The Land of the
Prince Bishops"
for lunch at the
Church Mouse
a 'Vintage Inn
' in Chester Moor.

We couldn't all squeeze into the space allocated to us, but we did enjoy trying.  This was to no avail so we overlapped into an adjacent area and busied backward and forward between the two, with lively conversations as only Associates know how.

Good food was served in good time, to be helped down with addition from a wide variety of coffees, wines, beers and lagers.  But don't miss out the orange juice and cola!

A ‘Vintage Inn’ standard – Chicken & Leek Pie – was popular together with choices from a ‘Seniors’ menu offering small portions of one, two, or three-course options at very sensible prices.

It wasn't so bright outside as we left but spirits were still high - cheers!

(Editor’s Note – Wednesday in Vintage Inns is “Pie Day” when some interesting choices are often available.)


Twenty-nine – again - came to the White Swan at Dinnington.

Weather was perfect and the food was excellent.
The pub was under new management but the standards had been maintained.

The lunch-time menu of £7.95 was extensive.
The most popular choice was the Liver & Bacon which was excellent.

The choice of beer and wine was well received. All had a great time.

Colin P Harris

(cph  03/07/2018)

(ph  04/07/2018)

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