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Posted:  Tuesday 09 October 2018

North East Associates
Pub Lunches

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The Sun Inn at Morpeth
was the venue for the July pub lunch
when twenty-four Associates,
friends and family attended.

Liver & Bacon was the most popular, with Steak Pie and Belly Pork close seconds.  Plenty of vegetables were provided.

Meal prices were around £10.  Real ales were Bombardier and Theakstons, both going down well.

As usual more time was spent chatting than eating.  A nice venue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Twenty-seven Associates,
friends and family
arrived at the
‘SJF’ Ridley Arms, Stannington,
to have lunch and a catch-up chat.

As usual the food was excellent.  The Gammon, Shin Beef Stew and Risotto were really nice.
The beer was also good with Steel Town Bitter being the most popular.

It was good to see Maurice and Heather Redfearn again and Anne Doig too, Doris Balmbra’s sister, who is Doris’ companion on our five-day trips.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The change to the Snowy Owl,
because of a refurbishment closure
of the Jingling Gate,
proved to be quite a successful lunch.

Five new attendees – Colin French and friend Joan, Keith Smith, Judith Nesbitt and Heather Toward were welcomed by the regular attendees.

The choice of beers was good with Sharp’s Doom Bar and Marston’s Pedigree the most popular.

As usual, the Snowy Owl provided a lunch-time special of two courses for £11.50, which most went for.

A choice of starters including Pate, Soup, Garlic Mushrooms followed by main courses including Caesar Salad, Fish & Chips, Chicken Pie and Steak & Kidney Pie were of portion size a bit too big for some of the attendees.  However, that gave time for us to catch up with the new attendees.  Hopefully they will attend future lunches.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Our venue this month was
The Briar Dene in Whitley Bay;
recently reopened by owners
Sir John Fitzgerald as a ‘Great Food Pub’
following major refurbishment.

Sixteen folks met up, down in number due to several heading off for a Mediterranean holiday – but rest assured that this will not be reported here.

The food theme here is mainly fish, with the majority having a ‘fish-dish’ from the many on the menu.  To describe SJF Fish ‘n’ Chips as a hearty meal would be an understatement, so the opportunity to order a ‘small portion’ was welcomed by some.

Prices may be seen as a little on the ‘high’ side, but food quality far outweighs any cost comparison difference and is why we visit up to three pubs in this group every year.

So popular are Briar Dene Fish ‘n’ Chips they even have a separate take-away facility, accessible from the car-park!

Having eaten it took us a while to move from our seats so time for talk was a-plenty.

Colin P. Harris

pictures:  ph

(ph  08/10/2018)

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