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Posted:  Tuesday 13 February 2018

North East Associates
2017 – 2018
Winter Pub Lunches


Twenty-six Associates attended the lunch held at the ‘Poachers Cottage’ in Callerton, and near the airport.

The portions were huge, but that didn't phase us
- the “All-day Breakfast”, Gammon Steak and Liver & Onions all went down well.

The beers - Wainwright, Shipyard and Hobgoblin were all excellent.

It was nice to meet Viv Muir again with husband John.

2017 Summary

The number of Associates, friends and families attending pub lunches dropped from 294 in 2016 to 258.
There is a hard core of regular attendees including the Pearsons, Harrisons and Daniels.
Several new faces turned up this year – John and Viv Muir and Gerry and Susan Perry.


Twenty-seven Associates and families met at the Red Lion at Earsdon.

It was good to see the Skipseys, with Terry recovering after several illnesses in 2017, as well as Arthur & Odette Walker prior to their trip to Lanzarote.

The beer came from the Brains brewery in Wales
- Fir King Ale -
requiring care in pronunciation after the first
- which went down well.

There was a special deal of three courses for £6.95 and those who chose it found it as very filling.  “Unsociable Chicken” – this came with plenty of garlic and prawns - Scampi & Chips and Fish & chips all met with praise.

We’ll keep this one on the list.


This month’s lunch was due to be held at the Snowy Owl, Cramlington, but an hour before everyone was due to arrive the pub rang up to say an electrical fault had closed down the kitchen.

At midday, two Associates had already arrived and were partaking of coffee.

It was decided to relocate to the Falcons Nest – a sister pub down the road in Gosforth – so everyone was given directions to that pub.  Unfortunately my directions weren’t clear for Bob & Lily Pearson who ended up back home.

Pictured in the header image, the Falcons Nest isn't as old as it may look.

The pub welcomed us, and the twenty who did find their way there enjoyed
Doom Bar and Ruby Mild beers – other beverages were available.

Colin P Harris

(cph  12/02/2018)

(ph  13/02/2018)

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