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Posted:  Saturday 12 May 2018

North East Associates
Excursion to York

- Thursday 10th May -

At 09:30 hrs on a fine, sunny day, two coaches with 78 passengers, some having had a breakfast of coffee and a  bacon roll from Greggs, left Bewick Street, Newcastle bound for York.

Coaches arrived in York and liberated the passengers at 11:30hrs, with requests to have an enjoyable day but to be back for the return to Newcastle by 16:30 hrs.

By all accounts both requests were fulfilled.

which were visited
Railway Museum,
York Minster,
Yorvik Centre,
with some energetic souls
taking a walk around
York’s famous walls.

Val Potts, Penny Sore and Verena Ellis walking the 'line' of the wall

Unsurprisingly, many patrons also, or perhaps, exclusively, enjoyed ‘retail therapy’ in the many shops and beautiful international markets among the myriad of streets and narrow lanes to be found in the city.

Ice-creams were the order of the day,
better than on our previous visit when it was unbrellas!

Of course great use was made of the many coffee shops, cafés and pubs, which made choosing just where to stop for refreshments a challenge in itself.

From a personal point of view
I will remember the quality of the
Theakston Brewery
‘Tour de Wot?’
in the Roman Bath Pub,
this an ale produced
to honour cycling’s
‘Tour de Yorkshire’.


Peter Brougham

pictures:  peter brougham, jim coombes

(pb  12/05/2018)

(ph  12/05/2018)

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