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Posted:  Tuesday 17 October 2017

South East Associates
Cowes Fireworks and the Titanic Trail

- Friday & Saturday -
- 4th & 5th August -

Cowes Fireworks are held at the end of Cowes Week and, with the display being over water, watching from a vessel in the Solent gives an excellent viewpoint.
One vessel offering a fireworks cruise is the SS Shieldhall, a Clyde steamship built on 1920’s lines, now moored in Southampton and one of the largest steamships still working in Europe.

The RMS Titanic also started her maiden voyage from Southampton
with 550 of the 897 crew members being from the city.

Of these only 175 returned home and the disaster had a devastating effect on the local community.

Following the recent anniversary of the disaster Southampton unveiled
a Titanic Trail, passing the sites associated with the ship and its crew together with an exploration of the ancient city monuments.


Thus our summer short break took a nautical theme with a Friday evening fireworks cruise on the Solent, an overnight stay in Southampton and a guided tour of Southampton’s Titanic Trail the following day.
It proved very popular with thirty-two Associates booking for the event.

The Cowes fireworks cruise proved especially eventful; arriving at the dockside we watched the Queen Elizabeth II depart before boarding SS Shieldhall and setting off at around 6.00pm.

Heading down Southampton Water we moored off Cowes and were fortunate to see a spectacular display by the Red Arrows before waiting for nightfall and the start of Cowes fireworks display, this too was excellent and with the display finished we headed back to Southampton to disembark just before midnight.

Not too early the following day we were collected by our guides and taken on the Titanic Trail tour, the guides pointing out sites that would not be normally observed and providing many anecdotes regarding the effect of the disaster on the city.

Our short break finished with lunch at the 'White Star Tavern' providing an enjoyable conclusion to the event.

Chris White

(fd  15/10/2017)

(ph  17/10/2017)

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