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Posted:  Friday 26 October 2018

A mini-break in Cambridge for
South East Associates

– 8th to 10th July -

We all made our way to Cambridge on Sunday 8th July, with participants taking up several of the options of what to do on the way – one group visited the Duxford Air museum, whilst others went to Anglesey Abbey and Wimpole Hall.

Duxford is a branch of the Imperial War Museum and with seven main exhibition buildings it is Britain’s largest aviation museum.

The twenty-eight of us got together outside in the wonderful weather, above, for a drink at the Quy Hotel before we all had dinner together and discussed the planned programme.

On Monday morning
after a leisurely breakfast
we drove to the local ‘Park & Ride’
and caught buses
to the town centre.

There we met our guides
for a walking tour
of the historic heart of the city
near the Senate House
and Great St. Mary’s church,
with an included visit
to King’s College Chapel.

After lunch there was punting on the River Cam along the College Backs.  Most people joined the chauffeured punts, but one group of adventurers chose to punt themselves – it must have been a little stressful as they didn’t manage to drink any of the Prosecco supplied!

Punting on the Cam

By the end of the day some people had taken advantage of the shopping opportunities, while others had gone for a coffee in the University Centre - previously known as the GradPad! - before returning to the hotel for another excellent evening meal.

By the time we left for home on Tuesday various people had gone back into the town to visit some of the many museums, including the brand-new Zoology museum galleries just opened by Sir David Attenborough, or just walk round other open colleges.

Others were exploring the walking route to Grantchester.

All-in-all a great few days in a fascinating city.

Steve & Anne Hartley

(fd 25/10/2018)

(ph 26/10/2018)

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