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Posted:  Saturday 30 June 2018

A visit to the Museum of Berkshire Aviation
and a walk through Dinton Pastures
for South East Associates

– Wednesday 18th April -

Dinton Pastures is a country park and bird sanctuary east of Reading, comprising an interconnected series of five lakes, created by gravel extraction – but unlike the many other in the area, has been developed as a nature reserve with many excellent public amenities.

The birds of Dinton Pastures

It has many walking routes and bird hides.

It is also adjacent to the Museum of Berkshire aviation - a small museum run by enthusiasts, which tells the story of Miles, Handley Page and Fairey Aviation.
They had factories nearby on the old Woodley Airfield for decades.

We met at the Aviation Museum – run by an aging but very knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of enthusiasts – many of whom had worked in the aviation industry in this area.

In the Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Ken gave us an introduction and brought the story alive.  The Miles Aviation Company were in-particular a very innovative company, before, during and after WWII.  The pride of the exhibits was the Fairey Jet Aerodyne – a composite helicopter and autogyro – with jet-powered rotor tips!  A reconstructed Miles Martinet target tug, and the only Miles Student two-seat trainer ever built.  Handley Page also built airliners in the area.

    The Handley Page Herald . . . .

. . . . with pretend passengers!   

We took an unusual group picture on the Handley Page Herald standing in the grounds!

After the visit, we walked though Dinton Pastures for lunch at the local café, before walking along some of the lakes to a ‘bird-hide’ where we watched birds for a while!

A varied and interesting day helped by good weather!

Kevin Williams

(fd  17/06/2018)

(ph  29/06/2018)

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