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                                                   Le Touquet Beach


                                              Windy but bright

                                          Ode To a Day Out
                            47 Associates went out for the day
                            By shuttle to France, to Le Touquet
                            The weather as usual didn't fail
                            We had wind-sun-rain-and even hail.
                           At the shuttle we waited as is the way
                           But normal procedures there was adelay
                           The journey was good,to France we did go
                           On arrival in France the wind it did blow.
                           Le Touquet, in sunshine and breeze
                          The houses and dwellings spaced out in the trees
                          The place itself was a posh retreat
                          In days gone by for the Paris elite.
                          Casino and promenades the order of the day
                          The weather held off I'm glad to say
                          The time spent there was go with the flow
                          Like lunch the French way, ever so slow.
                          Returning to Calais our driver named Neil
                          Suggested a stop how did we feel?
                         The stopover was nice, but a little short
                          But trains wait for no one so back to the port.
                         At French customs we stopped and we did go
                         Our passports checked over but ever so slow
                         Everthing was OK so off we went
                         Back on the shuttle to England and Kent.
                        Arriving in Essex at the end of the day
                        Everyone was weary,it was a long way
                        All day the rain missed us, so everything fine
                        After our long day in France a nice glass of wine (or 2)
                         Mav Mills

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