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  St Clements Church

Church Team commission a flower trough to commemorate Ken Roberts. The Church Team republish "The Story of St. Clements".

St Clements Open Days 2012

A celebration of the
life of Ken Roberts

London plant has a grade 1 listed church within its grounds, cared for by a London Associates team.  There has been a church of some kind on this site since the 11th century and it was probably on a Pilgrims route to Canterbury.  See below for events planned at St. Clements during 2012.

St Clements Church West Thurrock


                                     St Clements Church Open Days

During the early part of 2011 the church committee held their usual monthly meeting in attendance were J. Bell, Brian Eames, Gerry Hughes, Barbara Collins, Tom Padwick, Mav Mills, George Mann. During the discussion it was decided to open the church to the general public to coincide with 2012 Olympics.

From that day the planning began, as no one on the committee had ever done this sort of thing before, it was decided to bring in someone who could guide us and keep us on the right path, Jonathan Catton the local historian which we have worked with before and is employed by Thurrock Council was approached to assist the committee we are pleased to say he accepted straight away.
What a mind of information he is when the church was adopted by Procter & Gamble Jonathan organised the archaeology dig around the church unearthing the round tower by the entrance, what better person could we have had during a later meeting it was discussed that we would like a  visual audio system  as you see in the National Trust properties  this was investigated. Procter & Gamble said they would provide the television screen and the DVD player when Jonathan volunteered to make a DVD presentation that was another problem solved. We then had to concentrate on the grave yard which is overrun with rabbits lovely little animals but they do like digging holes, during their digging they unearth old bones and bring them to the surface George,Mav and Tom are the collectors of these, when the time is right we will  have them properly interred the badgers are also a problem. One must remember the grave yard is a conservation area and must be respectedas such.                           
As you read this you might think that it was easy to arrange I can assure you it was not, signs and car parking had to be organised, arrangements made for disabled toilets, disclaimers to be placed warning the public that rabbit holes create trip hazards and not to fall down a rabbit hole.                                                                      
Procter & Gamble was approached to see if they would issue a press release regarding the opening times which they agreed to do, Jonathan also placed an article in his weekly column in the local paper.
We sat down on the day before the opening and wondered was all this hard work to be for nothing.
The pleasant surprises started on the opening day Friday 27th July there were 19 visitors who arrived to see the church all from the surrounding areas.
Saturday 28th July 10 visitors
Sunday 29th July.16 visitors
Monday 30th July 12 visitors
Tuesday 31st July   6 visitors
Wednesday 1st August 9 visitors
Thursday 2nd   August 39 visitors  ( now we are getting excited)
Friday 4th August 34 visitors not only that we had a swarm of bees as well news is getting around
Saturday 4th 34 visitors
Sunday 5th 31 visitors
Monday 6th 41 visitors
Tuesday 7th 24 visitors
Wednesday 8th 17 visitors
Thursday   9th 28 visitors
Friday 10th 45 visitors. This was the last day of opening.

Grand total 362 visitors most of them had either been christened/confirmed, married in the church, their parents had been married in the church or were members of the congregation. All the visitors were giving a free cup of tea or coffee and biscuits. I must thank Paul Wilson for providing the makings and the help he gave in getting most things done for us which made our task a little easier and a good liaison between the committee and the factory

 All the visitors enquired if we were going to hold a Christmas carol service this year I informed most of them that it would take place in the early part of December 2012 the date will be announced in September 2012, once again we will ask the company to place a press release as we did for the opening days
As chairman of the committee it has been a great pleasure to work with such reliable and keen members it is through their eagerness and a lot of patience that the opening days were a huge success.
Also not forgetting the help from outside the church and Procter & Gamble.
Jim Bell

                    Members of the Friends of St Clements church Team
                    Left to right Barbara Collins, George Mann, Jimmy Bell
                    Brian Eames, Gerry Hughes (Chairman),
                    Tom Padwick & Mav Mills.

Below Some of the local people with fond memories of the church who visited during the open days....

                    Doreen & Alan Partridge married in St Clements 1957

             Doreen's brother Geoffrey Atkins who was a choir boy when 
             his voice broke he was promoted to operate the pump for 
             the organ. Geoff traveled from Holland to visit the church.

                    Mr & Mrs Branch married in St Clements 50 years ago

              Mrs Maureen Nicholl nee Hamm was christen in St Clements &
                       is the daughter of P&G retiree Mr Laurie Hamm

Friends of St Clements Repair Mass Grave


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 Remembering Ken Roberts.

2012: Ken Roberts was instrumental in restoring St Clements church, a deconsecrated building within the boundary of the London site, when he was the Plant Manager. The building is now taken care of by a team of London Plant Associates, led by Jimmy Bell. Visitors often leave pot plants and flowers on the ground by the entrance, presumably in memory of relatives in the graveyard.  The committee decided to place a steel trough with a plaque commemorating Ken's role in preserving the church, to display these tributes.

Click here to read about the memorial service for Ken at the Church in 2008.

A detail from the trough:

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 The Story of St. Clements.
London Associates Church Team has just republished Chris Harrold's book The Story of St Clement's.  To obtain a copy (£5 post free to Associates)  contact Brian Eames on
Cheques should be made payable to, Old St Clement's Church.

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A Celebration of the Life of Ken Roberts.

Almost a hundred family, friends and colleagues gathered at St Clements Church, London Factory on Saturday 12th July 2008 to remember Ken Roberts who died on 3rd June 2008, aged 78.
Below are some photos that record the gathering.  Many of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Basically, if there is a "hand shape" when you hover the mouse over the image then a larger version will display in a separate window when you click on the picture.

Ron Harryman led the gathering.

There were tributes by Ken's children, and by Frank Myerscough and John Pattullo.

Afterwards there was a reception at the Thurrock Masonic Hall where many memories of Ken were shared.

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