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2017 Volunteer Team

Last updated:  1st  2017


  Name   Role  
Maureen   Germaney          Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Associates' Membership contact for Costco, Social Team Member, Associate ECF Contact for London  Plant.    
George Mann Co-ordinator, Social Team Member,  Contact for New Associates, London Plant & St. Clements Church Liaison.    
Tony Kennard Co-ordinator, Social Team Member & Associate ECF Contact for London plant.     
John Fox Co-ordinator,Social Team Member,Website Editor,Associate Magazine Contact & Social Events Planner  
Linda Manwaring Social Team Member    
Ira Gill Social Team Member  
Linda Illing Social Team Member & Christmas Lunch Organiser    
Gerry Hughes Social Team Member.Contact for Clacton Associates;    
Mav Mills Monthly Lunch Organiser & Social Team Member    
Mick Roach Golf events organiser.   
Tony Lees Social Team Member    

Volunteer Visitors:                         Tony Hill, George Mann,
                                                            Tony Lees & Gerry Hughes

St. Clement's Church Team:       Gerry Hughes (Chairman), George Mann (Plant
                                                            Liaison & Secretary), Mav Mills,Tom Padwick, 
                                                            Ira Gill and Brian Eames (Treasurer )
                                                            John Fox website author.

Plant Contact:  Michell Murray


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